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7 years ago#1
So I've read all of the articles I can find on deducing my SID and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it. I don't have a whole lot left to do in the game, so I thought I'd try my hand at breeding a shiny pokemon (RNG). It doesn't seem to be working so I must have gone wrong somewhere. Here's where I am at:

-I soft-resetted for a few days and finally caught my shiny Shaymin. It is Quiet nature and it's IVs are 13/13/23/19/2/5. By using X-Act's IV to PID calculator, I see that I get three results:

-Method 3 - PID: A9512B0E - SID: 58046
-Method 1 - PID: 395C5747 - SID: 3834
-Method 1 - PID: 3A441FE6 - SID: 17731

According to the RNG article on smogon, I should only pat attention to the Method 1 results since my shiny is a legendary. I have used both 3834 and 17731 as my SID in RNG Reporter and I am able to calculate how many Happiness Double Taps and Coin Flips I need. The problem is that I do the double taps and coin flips and put the Pokes in the day care and the resulting hatched pokemon is not shiny. Not sure what is wrong, but I do have some thoughts:

One of my SIDs above is "3834", I thought these had to be 5 digits. Do I need to add a zero to this to make it 5 digits? Also, it should be noted that both of the parents are US Pokemon, so there is no international issue. I am trying to breed a Magikarp I caught in the Resort Area with a Ditto I caught in the Trophy Garden.

Any ideas? I did make sure to synchronize my DS clock with the PC clock, so I don't think that this is the issue.
AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
7 years ago#2
you would put a 0 in front, so it would be 03834. also if the 2 that you have tried don't work try the third one. make sure that the box for shiny only is checked, in the right upper side. and in the drop down box for method ste it at DPPt Egg PID (Normal), because you don't have a parent from a different country. i hope this helps you.
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7 years ago#3
Thanks pokegamer1, I will try adding the "0" to the front of the SID to make it 5 digits and see if that helps (I do have the Shiny box checked and I am using the DPPt Egg PID (Normal)). If that still doesn't work, I'll try the 3rd SID to see what happens. Thanks!
AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
7 years ago#4 luck.

I did notice something strange though. I calculated my PID and SID using X-ACT's IVs to PID calculator. I noticed that RNG Reporter contains a button which reads "IVs to PID / SEED" which is formatted very closely to what X-Act put together. If I enter my shiny Shaymin's Nature + IVs, I get a different value for my Secret ID. Which Secret ID method should I be using?
AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
7 years ago#5
I had the exact same problem when trying to get my SID from my shiny Darkrai. I tried both SID's (mine were both already 5 digits, so no zero issue) and followed the directions to the letter, yet when the charmander egg hatched, no shiny. I think there is something missing either from the guide or from RNG reporter. I don't know.
7 years ago#6
Or rather, X-ACT's IV's to PID. That's what I meant. RNG reporter probably works fine, though I certainly don't know for sure.
7 years ago#7
So how did you finally find your correct Secret ID?
AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
7 years ago#8
I had that 0 issue and just entered it in normally. If you're using the RNG Reporter it's fine. Mine looks like this in the Reporter: 4488_
7 years ago#9
I came across something else online. One article indicated that if you are RNGing, the parents can not have been in the day care before. This doesn't seem right considering I have not seen this anywhere else. Is this correct?
AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
7 years ago#10
Can someone please plug my shiny Shaymin's stats in and confirm if I came up with the correct IVs/Secret IDs above (see my original post). I used a Javascript version of X-Act's IV to PID calculator and I'd like to confirm if I am starting with the right info:

Lv. 100 Shaymin (shiny) - Obtained via soft-resetting - Stats were pulled up by doing a Lv. 100 IV Battle

Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Good endurance
HP: 323
Atk: 218
Def: 228
SpA: 246
SpD: 207
Spe: 189

IVs (according to MetalKid IV calculator) - 13/13/23/19/2/5-6 (regarding the 5-6, I entered "5" into X-Act's IVs to PID calculator and received the Secret IDs in my original post. When I tried entering "6", I did not receive any results so I am assuming that "5" is correct).

AC:CF - 0560-1405-6527 : Dan from PA
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