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6 years ago#1
I'm just about to EV train my first Pokémon, and I was wondering if this moveset sounded feasible for a Charizard with maxed out EV's in Special Attack and Speed:

Heat Wave
Flare Blitz

I'm basically sticking to moves that are leaned naturally by the Pokémon, because I don't want to rish wasting precious TMs at this stage.
6 years ago#2
You have a looooooooong way to go. I don't even know where to begin. What exactly is your goal with Pokemon in general?
6 years ago#3
If you're using Charizard, no -- Any pokemon that has both Att.Sp.att potential, decide either Sp.att or Att.
I presume you are new, this is a rather common mistake, so don't get hurt. Take this positively and you might learn something that you will utilize in the future. Well, no point in being a genius.

Flamethrower - Very good choice.
Flare Blitz - no-no. Sorry, this move is physical. Get something else. Also, the loss in HP might get you to consider something else.
Heat Wave - It's just an upgraded Flamethrower, a little more power (100 I think, compared to FT's 95) with a loss in accuracy, is not worth it at all. In my opinion.
Slash - Another physical attack. Just not Fire type. Hmm..

A Charizard running Sp.att would find this :
Dragon Pulse
Sunny Day

These are something I'd recommend on your Charizard. ALL PROS : I know it's not such a good set, but I can't find anything more fitting for Charizard in the sp.att area.
Still, Charizard has much more potential in Physical attacks rather than special attacks. You should have asked before you EV'd it.
6 years ago#4
Thanks for your input. I haven't actually EV'd it yet. I've spent most of my time obtaining the relevant training items from the Battle Tower.

I don't really have any particular objective, beyond getting the hang of EV training. I may find a direction for all this energy when I'm satisfied with the results.
*To-Let* (awaiting random sig)
6 years ago#5
There's alot of things you need to learn. Having more than one attack of the same type on your moveset is usually a no-no; there are few exceptions regarding priority moves and whatnot, but don't worry about that.

If you're going for a special attacking Charizard, my personal favorite fire move is Flamethrower because of its accuracy. The 5 pts extra of power in Heat Wave is not worth the loss of accuracy, IMO. But it's up to you. Either one is a good choice. If you feel like you need some extra fire power (no pun intended) the Fire Blast would be a good choice too, even if it does have poor accuracy.

The funny thing about Charizard is that despite its Sp Attack stat being higher than its physical stat, people tend to prefer using Charizard as a physical attacker because he has access to the move Belly Drum, which maximizes your physical attack. Charizard w/ Belly Drum is ultra powerful, but also pretty predictable. I wouldn't suggest to you this until you become more experienced.

The poster above me posted a good example of a moveset for Charizard. Sunny Day plus you fire move and solar beam is a good combo. However, I would suggest putting Substitute on this set for two reasons. One, it allows Charizard to set up his Sunny Day in a safe manner, and if you use Substitute enough for you to have 1/4 health, Charizard's Blaze ability takes effect, making your fire moves more powerful.

Charizard + Sunny Day + 1/4 health (activating Blaze) + Fire move of your choice = Devestating. I've one hit KO'd an Arcanine with this combination.

If you need help with getting better at Pokemon, i'll be glad to help. Don't worry, i will take it slow for you. And don't feel intimidated by the complexity of it all. It's really fun when you get it down.
6 years ago#6
Very good then. Go over Smogon and Bulbapedia and check which moves strike your fancy and get you coverage. Don't forget to check if it's physical or special.

Also, for a physical Charizard set, I'd recommand this :
Sword / Dragon Dance
Flare Blitz
Dragon Claw
..And another attack of your choice.
If you go for Sword dance, be sure to have a Jolly nature because you lose a valuable speed boost.

Well, I've probably went too far. You are trying to get the hang of it, right? Then go ahead and experience. No professional's answer is as good as self-experience.
6 years ago#7
Yeah, regarding EV training, it will seem like a pain at first, but once you understand how to do it, it's pretty easy to do if you have enough patience. If you have enough time on your hands, I suggest you read Smogon's guide to EV training.

Again, don't feel intimidated. It's not that bad once you get the hang of it.
6 years ago#8
Thanks again for all your suggestions. I think I'm making good progress so far: this time yesterday I sat and read through a few of the FAQs here and over on, and my mind was well and truly blown! Whereas today, I was able to sit down and work through a strategy to get a Pokémon nature I was actually looking for, and work out how I'd achieve a simple set of goals to get my first Pokémon fully EVd up.

I've never really looked into the effects that Pokémon moves have over each other, besides predictable/basic ones like Solar Beam + Sunny Day and so forth. I guess I should make this my next area of investigation.
*To-Let* (awaiting random sig)
6 years ago#9
Wow, you're already learning fast considering that you're already aware that sunny day and solar beam is predictable. Smogon also has a list of suggested movesets, EV spreads, natures, and so forth for every single Pokemon in the game. Though you don't have to feel forced to use them, you can always use Smogon as a guide if you're unsure about how to train a particular Pokemon and use it effectively in battle. But since you're a beginner, I'd highly suggest you "go by the book" anyway, just so you can get used to the competative stage. But be aware, there are some really experienced players who are well aware of popular strategies who can pretty much predict every move you will make, so once you start getting better and more experienced, then you can start innovating.

But I don't want you to get too far ahead of yourself. Just start by practicing EV training a few guys and go from there.
6 years ago#10
I've now successfully EV trained a Sp Atk/Spd/Def Charizard with Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Substitute and Flamethrower. I don't have a Petaya Berry, so I've made do with a Charcoal just to boost his fire attack that little bit more.

All in all, it was pretty satisfying to do, and I look forward to EV training a full team once I've finished the story in HeartGold.
*To-Let* (awaiting random sig)
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