Staraptor or Crobat?

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5 years ago#1
I'm thinking Crobat.

Which will help me out more in the E4?
I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
5 years ago#2
Either will do.
5 years ago#3
I'm thinking about Crobat. Oh, and in case you don't know about the E4 members and the type they use, *SPOILERS ALERT*.

Teach it Fly for the Bug E4 member (be careful not to get Stone Edge'd by Heracross though, and Scizor still poses a problem), and the Fire one's Infernape.

Teach it Giga Drain/grass move for the Ground one.

Teach it Crunch for the Psychic one. There's Bronzong, though, and I find using Crobat to be risky as Poison types are weak to Psychic moves.

It's not helping for the Fire one.

And now you can defeat the Champion's Roserade using Fly, although it was weak to begin with anyway...
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5 years ago#4
Crobat helps a lot more against the Fire one than the Psychic one >_>

Giga Drain is a waste. Why waste a weak TM when you can just wash the ground trainer with your water type?

And since Crobat is on the same competitive tier as Staraptor competitively, I doubt you or anyone else here can do a better job of deciding who's better for ingame. Your post is little more than a coin flip.
5 years ago#5
^ Dude, TC's asking which pokemon would help more, I don't know a thing about his/her team. O_o And I'm just telling him Crobat's potential, not asking him to teach all those moves I mentioned (I mean geez, I know Giga Drain is a weak move >_>).
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Sorry for the bad English.
5 years ago#6
You got his potential wrong then.
5 years ago#7
Okay, my team as of right now will be: Infernape, Staraptor/Crobat, Luxray, Gyarados, Garchomp and one other poke I haven't quite thought of yet, is it good? The only one I'm doubting is Gyarados considering its low Sp. Def but Cynthia has a Garchomp, right? Which would be hax against her.
I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
5 years ago#8
Low? It's Gyarados' highest stat besides attack >_>

It's good. Even disregarding levels, all those pokemon are powerhouses. You could almost have each of them solo one member of the Elite 4.
5 years ago#9
Ohh haha I meant Sp. Att hehe but I need to fill that last spot.
I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
5 years ago#10
You don't even need to do that. Your team is already quite optimal. The 6th member is just more of the same. You could even go with 5+HM slave.
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