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What game and what pokemon was your first shiny?

#11SinExDeathPosted 3/22/2012 1:14:14 AM
Dugtrio in Crystal.
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#12bigtim777Posted 3/23/2012 2:41:19 AM
Shiny Meoth, pichu and Gyarados (duh) in Silver.
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#13CyberWhiteTigerPosted 3/24/2012 10:26:49 AM
Well not counting the 50% shiny egg from crystal which was a tyrogue, My first shiny was my hatched Skarmory however i cannot remember which gen 3 game i hatched it on. I know i had been hatching Skarmory for Emerald on either Ruby or Sapphire and i hatched the actual shiny on the other version for some reason (glad i did). Now it is on emerald with a lot of EV trained pokemon who helped me get my 7 Silver frontier badges (never bothered going for gold ones, too much hassle for me).

Although if hatching is not counted then my first random shiny is Zubat on platinum. Was so pleased as my favourite colour is green and i got my second green shiny in a row. It is still a zubat as i do not like shiny crobat at all.
#14dobinrulesPosted 3/26/2012 8:22:15 AM
Platinum and it was a shiny Ralts, such a good day, even better when i evolved it and EV'd it to lvl 100 haha. Good ol' Gallade, what would i do without you?
#15YoungsterJoeyJrPosted 3/27/2012 3:15:49 PM
Magikarp Ruby. Best freaking Magikarp ever!!!!!!!!!
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#16firedragon87Posted 3/29/2012 9:46:52 PM
mine was a peliper.. i forget with game, it was either, ruby, stafire or emerald
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#17Raptus92Posted 4/7/2012 12:33:12 AM
Pidgey in FireRed.
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#18helldewPosted 4/8/2012 8:44:40 AM
mine was a Growlith in Crystal.
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#19Earth_EchidnaPosted 4/8/2012 12:54:33 PM
Ruby, with shiny Gulpin. Even now, though, I wish I still had it. I'm even trying to MM it back on SS!
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#20RolawaPosted 4/8/2012 4:41:43 PM
I've only ever had 4.
Geodude in Silver.
Geodude again in Emerald or Sapphire. Can't remember which.
Amazingly Suicune in Emerald.
And Buizel in Platinum.

I evolved both Geodude and Buizel. Of course. Though now my silver has died, so sadly I lost my first shiny...