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The most annoying part of the "Don't kill more than 25 enemies" challenge? (Archived)Gamechamp3k23/20/2014
Is there anyone around who still plays this (Archived)crazyisgood612/8/2012
Dear anyone who visits this dead board, please support anarchy reigns.... (Archived)ramseanGoodbye111/30/2012
Madworld community where will we settle Ni anarchy reigns? (Archived)richard73326/2/2012
This game is amazing. (Archived)YoYoLeFtToRiTe24/11/2012
this game is horribly overrated (Archived)LuigisBro12/16/2012
noob wanting to know if this game is any good? (Archived)Shibby_123512/11/2011
On sale for 69 cents!!!! (Archived)streamofthesky211/28/2011
This will be one of the big cult games in the future (Archived)PedroMontana510/20/2011
Does this game remind anyone else of Gantz? (Archived)Muck0 Man38/5/2011
Bad Controls + Bad Camera = Terrible Game (Archived)CalistoCoon37/4/2011
Just picked this an NMH2 up at GameStop. (Archived)
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Would this game suffer if it were in colour (Archived)crazyisgood25/29/2011
"Madworld" is right.... (Archived)atomofish53/27/2011
Madworld characters Black Baron and Matilda in roster for Anarchy Reigns (Archived)DiscoAfroman13733/22/2011
I want to get this game <3 (Archived)u1timo23/20/2011
I conclude that after playing this and Bayonetta... (Archived)atomofish33/6/2011
Max Anarchy (Archived)Lightrail52/1/2011
easiest way to get extra lives (Archived)daevilgenius2221/28/2011
Sega should confirm a sequel. (Archived)kufasta51/20/2011
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