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Natwaf plays Infinite Space *major spoilers*
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NineNobles1197/30 8:00AM
Ever since the war between NN and K started...ZechtAurion47/20 9:16AM
Trying to like this game...draxenz67/18 9:31PM
Is this game buggy?treebling47/18 12:08PM
This underrated gem deserves an active topic :D (Archived)KevinSephiroth66/29 12:05PM
Nexus the Jupiter incident. A tactical fleet simulator. (Archived)WightKnigjht25/20 4:09AM
new game again. (Archived)WightKnigjht15/10 9:47AM
How far into the game do the 1st person sections start? (Archived)unprogram23/29 5:33PM
Anyplace the Ship Database can be found? (Archived)achmed197493/2 1:11AM
They should put this on iOS and the android store (Archived)Joker0_021/8 2:36PM
Yuritau's ship database PDF (stats and module layout) (Archived)Verile110/28 11:44AM
Trying to find a European import... (Archived)Extraspectre19/15 9:52PM
Fully playable without touch/stylus controls? (Archived)666Kefka66628/15 11:01AM
Imported version question (Archived)Extraspectre18/12 8:06PM
went on the hunt for this game today. ended up ebaying the german version (Archived)elbarto147/30/2014
I've had this since it came out.... (Archived)rare_candy47/13/2014
Infinite Space Ending Conclusion (MASSIVE SPOILER !!!) (Archived)finishbuster12316/20/2014
Any reason to have a higher crew count then required (Archived)SmackinJuice56/14/2014
Should I follow a walkthrough? (Archived)halifix46/3/2014
Just to put out that I love this game to death (Archived)
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