hey guys >.> am i the only one?**spoilers**

#10-takuPosted 1/10/2010 2:16:12 PM
ok after using jeanne at the very end, where you climb the naked statues in space, and after you're done going up to the chicks face, and then loading... the thing is it was loading and me and my bro waited like 30 mintutes and then just turned it off. arg the ending...what a huge cliff hanger.

but please dont tell us the ending. cause we havent seen it yet...so anyone encounter this? how long is the loading supposed to be? 30 minutes is way to long, i can deal with 6 or 8 seconds but 30 minutes!!, and trust me it wasn't in practice mode too(you can disable or enable by pressing the select button)

im actually going to email sega or platinum games later and tell them about this...hopefully they wont say generic stuff like MAYBE YOUR COPY IS DEFECTED.
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#2MalifacentXPosted 1/10/2010 2:33:27 PM

These trolls aren't even trying anymore.

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#3SirIlpalazzoPosted 1/10/2010 3:17:17 PM
I have honestly seen the exact same thing on a live stream of the Japanese version a month or so ago. He got to that section and was on a loading screen with Jeanne, but the game basically froze up there. I guess it's possible that that specific spot is a problem area, but I've only heard of it happening twice.
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#40-taku(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2010 3:46:58 PM
MalifacentX your the troll here. stop assuming everyone to be a troll. just because someone encountered an issue doesnt make them a troll. your a troll, merely because you assume everyone to be just because found an issue.

yeah that sucks, anyways i emailed platinum games, hopefully they'll give me a good reply back, hopefully an update will fix this issue, thank god for internet connected consoles.
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#5Psychochild27Posted 1/10/2010 4:11:51 PM
Actually (And I know people are gonna scream "TROLL!") I had this same exact thing happen to me on my Import copy. I have no idea what the Hell causes it, but the game will just crash while the training room just keeps going.

I got past it by resetting the game and trying again - It loaded within 20-30 seconds like usual but it's weird that we have two others who had the same exact thing happen to them.
#60-taku(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2010 7:06:38 PM
^well theres nothing wrong with having an issue, if your complaining about something that doesnt excist then your a troll.

there will always be glitches in every game, in fact ive found millions of glitches from other games(mgs3,gta3,gta4)

its glitches like these that make it almost unplayable.

i just hope that platinum games will do the smart thing and release a glitch, it makes sense why this game has glitches...the answer is that it came out way to early. i would have happily waited 3 more months just so i know that platinum games would fix all the glitches. i just hope that just because they think the game is complete that they should quit entirely working on the game. i hope they fix the bugs and glitches in an update. like i said, thank god theres updates and internet connected console this gen. imagine a glitched up GTA4. GTA4 wasnt even playable, the only way to play it is by signing off PSN, but thanks to rockstar they updateded the game in a week later.

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