What is the difference between PS3 and XBOX 360?

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The only thing you really need to know is that if you have a 360 buy it for that. If you have a PS3 buy it used.
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Visuals and framerate is better on Xbox.
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Platinum spent the last 2 years developing the game on the 360 version of the game, then handed the 360 code to Sega to port to the PS3. Instead of getting a team who known how to push the Ps3 like AM2 (the people behind Virtua Fighter) they gave the code to the guy's who ported the last bunch of Sonic games (badly!) to the PS3.

As a result, whilst its still the same game on the PS3, the port is barely good enough to get the job done and pales in comparison to the 360. The frame rate on the 360 ranges between 45-60fps, on the PS3 its usually anything from 25-45 fps, and can dip as low as 15 during set pieces and the hair summon.

Famitsu reviewed the game recently and gave the 360 version a perfect 40/40, whilst the PS3 version got 38/40. Famitsu almost never give multiplatform releases separate scores, but they felt the PS3 version just wasn't good enough to warrant the same score as the 360.

So if you have a 360, get that version instead, unless you cant wait until January and want to import, in which case the region free PS3 port is your only option.
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Kind of bummer. Just like Resident Evil 5. I have both XBOX 360 and PS3, and I will get XBOX 360 version instead. thanks for your help though!
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Just like Resident Evil 5

?, how so ?. Resident Evil 5 was developed using Capcom's MT framework, basically a PC that's got the "worst of both worlds" in regards to each machines short coming's, and then ported to each machine and optimized according to each machine's strength's (they also get a free bare bones PC port for free as a result). This is the way Mutli Platform games should be done, the differences between both ports were apples and oranges, the PS3 version dropped a few frames in extreme situation were as the 360 had screen tearing .... take your pick, other then that they were more or less identical. DMC4 is another example, the PS3 port had slightly faster load times though that was most likely down to the 4 gig install, other then that they were virtually identical.

Namco used a similar system for Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6, both games are virtually identical on both machines. Bayonetta got not such treatment, if it did (and it should have if Sega/Platinum gave a ****) we probably wouldn't be moaning about how bad the port is.
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DMC4 on PS3 also has some super minor but kind of neat visual flairs and blurs to things that rush by you quickly (Echidnas charge attack for instance) but again super minor. I actually liked DMC4 more on 360.
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Stop feeding words in people's mouth kusha.

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