Help with Chapter 6, Verse 3

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7 years ago#1
Okay so I just started Chapter 6 and beat the 2 Inspireds/flying worms. After that I'm stuck at the sealed door, the one with the 3 pads like at the first door of the chapter, but with the spikes coming up and down out of the ground.

It has the 3 pads, but even when Im in the cat form and hitting all 3 without being hit, the pads dont light up and nothing happens?

What am I missing or are there pointers?
7 years ago#2
There's a pile of rubble at the end of the hallway. Blow it up/knock it down and there's a lever that stops the spikes which ques an Angel Fight and only after you clear out the angels do the panels allow you to trigger them.
7 years ago#3
Too easy, my way was more interesting, but thanks anyway
7 years ago#4

How appreciative

7 years ago#5

Thanks, I was stuck there too

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