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Sticky~The Bayonetta Sticky Topic!~ READ BEFORE POSTING!! (Sticky)
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The QTEs in the game are stupid. (Archived)mattklanks23/27 7:47PM
I know This Board is Long Since Dead... (Archived)Iluvurmomwc31/8 10:28PM
Hideki Kamiya mentioned a "trick" for Grace and Glory? (Archived)Gojira346111/28 7:21AM
Noticed something funny (Archived)wyansas111/22 8:19PM
replaying this again in anticipation of 2 (Archived)Isual1011/14 11:17AM
About the Onyx Roses and Grace and Glory etc. (Archived)Gojira346211/5 7:48PM
Bayonetta: Badass or Jackass? Discuss (Archived)RoyHavenstone311/4 10:29AM
What's that move that makes Bayonetta fly across the screen? (Archived)MasterChidi311/1 10:50PM
making a lets play of this game (Archived)UbberDevil310/17 1:55AM
Should I buy this? (Archived)-Ozur-109/17 9:25PM
Question about Alfheim Portals... (Archived)Nova_Chrysalia48/14/2014
Newbie help (Archived)golden8535448/8/2014
Jeanne farming (Archived)Nikar268/8/2014
im loving the gameplay but the cheesy voice acting and story is hard for me. (Archived)Lightborne67/31/2014
Problem getting the Kilgore (Bug?) (Archived)DiviDanger47/28/2014
Different bayonetta versions? (Archived)Nikar247/19/2014
Late to the party but beat the game (Archived)2pp3nd1x77/19/2014
So how do I unlock all the other items? (Archived)Jenna Tonta56/12/2014
Where can I find Bayonetta Voice Clips? (Archived)Mariofan4ever15/25/2014
Rode the train out of Stage 1. What happened? (Archived)shockfrost85/15/2014
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