Bayonetta up against Dante Alligheri

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3 years ago#1
is that his last name?...

Anyways...since everyone practically says bayo and dmc dante are counterparts style and flair as well as showmanship and fanservice...why wouldn't we want to see her against DI dante?

She is a witch which uses powers from the underworld or aka hell.
He uses power from the heavens and is fighting in the holy path.

Come on...need i go further?
3 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure its Dante Sparda.... The only thing he and Alligheri share is the 1st name which of course was purposely done in reference to the poem.
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3 years ago#3
I think TC wants to know who would win between Bayonetta and the Dante from the poem / Dante's Inferno, the game.
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3 years ago#4
Dante's infermo sucks lets just forget it
(message deleted)
3 years ago#6
DI was mediocre. It was a slowish action game that EA rushed and felt boring at some parts. But i dont care about the game itself the topic at hand.

Bayonetta would probably trash him. She beat what literally was the god of her realm by creating something like 10x his/her size and then grand slamming it into the sun. Then when it didnt go down she destroyed it in orbit. The most DI Dante did was beat Satan who is simply a fallen angel who was easily banished by god. Dante is also to slow to catch Bayonetta. Who is capable of flight, extreme speeds, and lifting weights with her power far beyond him. She has more man power then he could ever hope to.
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3 years ago#7
P.S. If anyone would be able to match Bayonetta from action games itd be the big 3. Kratos , Dante DMC , Ryu Hayabusa.

Kratos. Has shown us he can topple gods and topple things far beyond his size with range and tactics.

DMC Dante. Hes taken down the Devil several times. And his Devil is pretty much beyond DI Dantes devil. He has taken down pandoras box essentially. And if its cut scene he is undefeatable.

Ryu Hayabusa. A superhuman warrior. Who well unable to take damage like the other 2 is far beyond them when it comes to tactics smarts and training. Able to stay calm and see through almost any opponent. Only seen in canon to be hurt a few times and defeated once. By Doku who read him like a book. But then Ryu out trains later on. So reading Bayonetta might be possible.

I still say she'd smash all 3 at once at full power though.
The big H .
3 years ago#8
Dante from Dante's Inferno wouldn't stand a chance against Bayo. He doesn't have any super powers and basically has his cross to use against Bayo. Bayo has infernal summons and witch time, that's enough to beat him.

And character-wise, Dante is "darker" than Bayonetta. She uses powers from hell but isn't a bad person. Dante otherwise is a sinner and alsi killed innocents for nothing. That's why he is in hell.
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