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8 years ago#1
Greetings. I was just wondering if someone could tell me how I'm supposed to have my Sim see a ghost. It keeps popping up on his wants, and I can't figure out how to go about doing this. Thanks in advance.
8 years ago#2
If there is a tombstone on your Sim's lot, a ghost will occasionally come out at night. If you want to get a tombstone, you have to let a Sim die on your lot. But, like any want, you can simply ignore it.
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8 years ago#3
Ok. I'll just have to keep ignoring it then. Also, how in the blazes do I throw a Wedding Party? I've got a nice wedding setup in my backyard, but, I don't know how to throw one. Can I even throw one? Thanks again for any help.
8 years ago#4
To throw a wedding party, your Sim must already be engaged. The option to throw a wedding party will be on the phone under Throw Party, though it won't be available very late at night or early in the morning (I'm not sure of the exact times, sorry). Make sure the Sims get married during the ceremony or the party will be a failure. To get married, have one Sim click on the arch or click on the other Sim and Propose->Marriage. Both Sims will take the last name of the Sim who proposes marriage. At the end of the party a limo will arrive to whisk the happy couple away for a short honeymoon (just a few hours). They'll just leave the lot and come back with their needs refreshed. If there are children in the household but no other adults or teens then make sure to hire a nanny before the end of the party, or the children will be taken away by the social worker while the happy couple is away.

You're welcome.
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8 years ago#5
Aww rats. Wish I'd known that before I proposed Marriage. I thought that when I did that, it would be a little cut scene first, then, you'd set a date for the wedding, then, you could throw the party and get your sim married at the same time. Oh well. I'll just use the setup as like a Wedding reception and throw a House Party. I thank you for the help, and maybe I'll create another Sim in a different town, and go about it that way. Thanks again.

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