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6 years ago#1
Which monster combination looks and acts the coolest? I've been hearing that Xenons and Dragons are strong, so would a combo of them be pretty devastating? And I'm guessing I'll learn what the "???" type is later, but is that breed any good? I'm new to this franchise, as you can tell, so I need help figuring out which combinations work best. Also, if there're pics to all the possible combinations (yeah, that might be a stretch) that'd be awesome too. Thanks!
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6 years ago#2
??? means the combination you tried to make doesn't exist.

Golem/Dragon, for example.

Or Xenon/Dragon.
6 years ago#3
??? isn't just ish, though. They're the rare (and powerful) uniques, like Kasumi.
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6 years ago#4
There is no best monster, since every monster can reach 999 in all stats eventually (or 1500). You cannot start with a Dragon or Xenon at the beginning of the game. All of the erm... cool monsters need to be unlocked anyways. That includes Gali, Durahan and Zan. Monsters like Falco need a bigger barn.

Mocchi and Tigers are easy to train. I think the most common type of Tiger you can be generating at the beginning is a Flazer (Tiger/something mix).

As for monster looks:
Monster Rancher Metropolis to search for the monster number. Then...

This to find the monster based on it's number:
6 years ago#5
Henger is the best looking monster imho and has the cool bionic moves but the worst monster imho is the mewco, wtf were they thinking a falco stretching out a mew and wearing it as a disguise, just wrong
6 years ago#6
All right so I've gotten accustomed to the game and I've gotten to the point where I can Overdrive. I'm planning on Overdriving my Xenon, so my question is which stats are the most important to get higher than others? I'm assuming power is one of them
RIP Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrel
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