Monster straight to S Rank without Combining ?

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User Info: PsoneRPG

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there is a monster that can go to A Rank straight from being Made, without combining.

i don't think there is one

Also does anyone know a good breed of monster good for adventuring
i know intelligence has something to do with but i get mean the overall better breed to use.
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User Info: Sid_Icarus

6 years ago#2
Wow you actually just asked
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User Info: SwiftRise

6 years ago#3
My Falco X Abyss made it to A Rank; and its not a second-generation monster. Mind you right after I got A-Rank, I got a notice saying he needed to be frozen...

So yes, its possible to get to A Rank on a first-generation monster. Not easy, but possible.

User Info: Wolfswift

6 years ago#4
I stretched a Flazer(Tiger/Abyss) straight from regeneration to S rank as my first monster. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I think any monster can become powerful if you raise it right.

User Info: PsoneRPG

6 years ago#5
oh i meant S Rank i got to a rank with a Golem breed before he got old
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User Info: PsoneRPG

6 years ago#6
yeah i usually use a lot of fatigue and stress items on my monsters
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User Info: soak314

6 years ago#7
It can be done easily once you have the cash for a serious training regimen.

My Jailkeeper's first tourney, at 3y3mo, was the A-Rank tournament. He can take the S Official easily (999 on 4 stats).

Generated him from magic spell, moon level, stats were nothing special. You'll just need to go through a few cash-making monsters to get the game rolling.

User Info: miggy0909

6 years ago#8

what soak314 said, you need money to train it to perfection and thats a lot of Sea Angel and Honey Mushroom.

User Info: Mechafanboy

6 years ago#9
I did manage to get my very first monster up to S rank without too much difficulty by just keeping it frozen and unfreezing it for the tournament but it wasn't strong enough to get to SS/SSS rank...

Still, that does mean that with a lil luck and a lot of training, it's possible to get any monster to S rank since I did mine with lots of resting in place of items(due to monetary problems)

Stats were 999 int, 999 skill, 600 life, 200 speed and 100 pow/def. A Pixie who knew only 4 moves iirc. Couple of close calls here and there but nothing impossible. -> Visual novel goodness
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User Info: SlickSlicer

6 years ago#10
Golems can do it with ease.

Long lifespan, good, generally accurate attacks at all ranges, proficiency toward raw power...

So long as you had a previous monster that did 2-3 erranties (meaning you'll be loaded with cash), it wouldn't be difficult at all.
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