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8 years ago#1
Anyone has tips on how to excectue Alley Oop I noe the buttons for it is LT + A but everytime I tried to do 1, the balls gets tip away or stolen.......
8 years ago#2
the same problem....dont know how to do it....
8 years ago#3
It is easier to do it on a fast break. In the half court set, watch your players. If you see one break to the basket try it then. You have a better chance of completing it. It's hard but once you get the timing down it gets easier but it is not automatic like last years and while frustrating at times it is better because you have a good chance of creating turnovers. Also turn the blocking down for the computer to somewhere between 30-35.
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8 years ago#4
I managed to do one with Roy alleying it to Greg Oden against the Knicks. They're quite easy to do if you're playing against bad defense. Trying to throw alleys against like, the Pistons or Spurs, will usually result in a turnover.
8 years ago#5
I know how to do it and my timing is solid. The guys go up for the dunk... and never even grab the ball. It ends up a steal after bouncing off the glass. What the heck?
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8 years ago#6
with alley oops i think the passer has to have a good pass rating, and the receiver has to have good hands to hold on to the ball. Plenty of times i have had a fast break throw up for alley oop and the ball bounces off fingertips and stuff...
8 years ago#7
^^ that ish happens to me too I hate that....
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