I really hope this gets another sequel...

#1zero829Posted 4/15/2009 3:14:42 PM
Or that another good Kinnikuman fighter comes out in general. While I did not get this game because it looked too similar to the first, I would definitely buy a third game or just a new one. I could only hope it would be for the PS3. My PS2 really needs to retire from it's numerous years of playing and I really wouldn't mind paying a little extra for some nicer visuals and sound quality. Only the heavens above know how much this game could use nicer visuals for actual voice matching and removal of terrible clipping.

I would hope for a few more characters from the first series and then maybe an emphasis on Nisei just so it doesn't feel like they are beating a dead horse (but of course, Kinnikuman is far from a dead horse. It's more int he sense of Dynasty Warriors, except there is actually something else the story can cover.)

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