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User Info: unnamedFer

7 years ago#1
AKA burning inner strengh, in other thread it was explained what the three choices after choosing your character does, but it wasnt mentioned that they also affect the KKD.

If I remember correctly:

-blue: custom combos like in SF:alpha games
-green: I believe you dont get staggered from attacks
-red: unlimited specials (with less power)

BTW any site where this game is discussed indepth?
Guardians: Denjin Makai 2 is the best beat-em up ever

User Info: zero829

7 years ago#2
I wish. Then again, I wish more that they would make a new Kinnikuman fighting game for the PS3 or PSP or something. I love Kinnikuman and I love Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle so it would be great to get to play them some more.

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