how to kill the mistress in the twilight world

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Hey, can anyone tell me how to kill the mistress in the twilight world?

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u hammer away at her limbs until she drops down one of the peddals. it could be u have to go in and our of her range, but eventually she always drops a peddle down low enough to hit. u slice the arm continuously until it dies and she goes underground. you repeat this till she has no more arms and then finally you just wait for her to breath acid on u and u hit her head. u might be able to hit her head before the peddals are gone but i dont think so. its a long fight. but not really hard. just keep dodging and rolling.
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Yorien says:

Roll close to her from side to side so she tries to hit you for some seconds, then stand at mid range right out of her reach, she'll end lowering one of the "petals" covering her main serpent body.

Destroy the petal. she'll burrow then reappear. She'll get a spit venom attack if you stand right in front of her head, but it's easy to evade.

Rinse and repeat till all petals are destroyed, then aim for her head.

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I think I encountered a bug.. I managed to kill four of her petals, but she just won't lower the last one enough for me to hit it. She's just spitting acid at me all the time and her petal never gets low enough. Anyone with the same problem?
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do not give up grasshopper, persistance will let you kill her. The part about going close then moving away is very imporant, or she will never drop the petal.