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HELP! jumping off enemies heads... (Archived)Saunders09514/12 9:34AM
Area 3: it's all mine-I'm stuck! (Archived)presea84mm32/26 11:41PM
Worst level design ever (Archived)piranhapete38/13/2014
Many reviewers said this was a short game... They lied. (Archived)kvmer13/17/2013
There IS a reason for lack of widescreen! (Archived)ChohatsuSensei12/4/2013
one more mission..... (Archived)LonelyGoomba79/24/2012
NEVER even knew this game existed.... (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo37/8/2012
Seems like this was overshadowed by the big 2D platformers of 2010-11 (Archived)johnrayjr11/21/2012
The borders bug me so much... (Archived)TheReaSolCutter11/19/2012
I beat the game a long time ago is there anything else i can do? (Archived)Mikey9324/6/2011
So how about a Wario Bros. game next? (Archived)PedroMontana52/19/2011
I Think I Understand How the Wii Works.. (Archived)
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EU Treasure Names (Archived)AP_Epikyur110/18/2010
Just got this game (Archived)NonSubwayJared48/22/2010
A gem that few even saw for what it was pure gold (Archived)gameingupdate47/27/2010
A great argument for hand drawn graphics in games. (Archived)SergeantFuzz47/18/2010
Are they still selling this? (Archived)muffin_mans_bro77/18/2010
I will reward someone for this... (Archived)skorpion_zero27/17/2010
Just beat the game my thoughts (Archived)
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Is this game worth getting for 12 bucks? (Archived)JoeMoeFoe67/9/2010
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