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8 years ago#1

Do you need help with something? Well I'm here to help!

8 years ago#2
Well that's an offer that's appreciated.

I'm in the Open Asia age.

I've read that it is best to build residential and commerce zones in 3x3 blocks, because then they can merge together into bigger buildings and rise in value. Is this true? In my current game, I have some residential blocks that are 8x8 (on the basis that R areas will build up to 4 squares away from a road), and the two concepts don't seem to fit well.

Also, what levels of taxes can you get away with? I've got housing tax up to 8% without complaint, but 9% and the sims start whinging about it. Should you set different taxes at different levels?

Finally, I presume it is a good idea to allow the foreign Sims to settle regardless of the potential crime increase?
8 years ago#3

Ok the first question you asked i have never heard of the 3x3 method so i can not help you on that.I am sorry.

The 2nd question i can help. In different ages taxes are different. Like in europe there are uprising so i would lower the taxes.Also in the open Asian age you should set different taxes at different levels. I would just leave the asian taxes to 7 to 8%It also depends on what city you want to build. So if you want to biuld a industry city I would higher the taxes. Hope that helps that question!

Fianlly,it kind of depends on the crime rate. But presonally i also think it is a good idea to settle the sims no matter what the crime rate is. Just remember to add prisons and police stations to where the highest crime rate is! Hope this all helps!

8 years ago#4
How to raise approval in American Prosperity Age
Its good being a teenage boy.
8 years ago#5
IN that age you need to get a lot of people. Also you need to have a good crime rate,lots of trees and you probably would want to even out the RCI bar.So overall you need a good population and all that other good stuff. Hope that helps!
8 years ago#6
flamesrule24 posted...

Do you need help with something? Well I'm here to help!

How do you prevent polution? is there a special ratio of industry/trees to help soak it up? I have all my industry on one side of a river and loads of trees around and yet pollution is still a problem. I keep checking the views of the people, and adding the things they are wanting but my approval rating is still stuck at 45% on the european industrial age. ANy suggestions as to what to do next?
8 years ago#7
I am having the same problem. What is the right amount of coal power plants to have? I have them around the perimeter of the map. I have planted trees, parks, ect. but they are still complaining about the soot, the air, and the blackness. what do i do? how do you get rid of pollution?
8 years ago#8
What are the requirements to win the GLobal Warming Age? All the topics are saying different things and I have a population of 511, 365. My approval is at 92%. My RCIF bar is pretty wonky, with half the bar being I+F and C being barely visible.
8 years ago#9

in the european industrial age, pollution begins to become a problem, but don't worry about it as there are no eco friendly power plants. in the global warming age you can change all your coal plants to oil plants. try to put more residential and commercial but well away from the power plants and industry. for now try to shield your power plants in trees but don't worry about pollution as you can clean it up in the global warming age. i think around four or five power plants will be enough to power the city. when you are able to use MD residential, MD commercial and industry change almost all of the light residential, commercial and industry.That should hopefuly help you and shana_stoner, hope it helps!

8 years ago#10

as you are at 92% you need to get 8,000 people to get 1% so you need 64,000 people to get 100%. if you have no room which i guess is the case, take away all the stadiums, big parks, zoos etc, and put residential wherever you can. if your RCIF bar has commercial barley visible then put lots of residential in all the space you can. if you have seperated the industry from the rest of the city put more in the space you can, i ended up filling in the water to do it. the requirements of completing the global warming age is to raise your population by 500,000, from what your poulation was from the industrial age. hope it helps!

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