What are the best space flight sim games?

#1knucklezPosted 9/22/2008 11:37:19 PM
X series
what else

Also how is this one and is it out yet
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#2robertliePosted 9/23/2008 4:29:19 AM

Freespace 1&2


And of course the Wing Commander series. You should also check out Evochron Renegades, a damn good indie title.

#3ChargrilledPosted 9/23/2008 12:00:44 PM
i remember a game called independence war 2.

that was ok. although i dont really like newtonian physics applied in space sims anymore, which that had.

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#4ScorpitronPosted 9/23/2008 11:10:10 PM

DarkStar One. I wish they make a sequel for that one.

#5allan_delacruzPosted 9/24/2008 2:04:06 AM
How can you not mention Tie Fighter CD Rom edition??
#6robertliePosted 9/24/2008 4:16:38 AM

allan_delacruz posted...
How can you not mention Tie Fighter CD Rom edition??

Woops, how could i forget :? The game that never dies.

Man im still waiting for a sequel, but Lucasarts would problably mess it up im afraid. Maybe its best to leave those classics alone..

#7badashPosted 9/24/2008 4:51:31 AM

X-wing was my first space-sim and I got immediatly hooked, but Tie Fighter definitly surpassed it!

Starlancer stood out to me as well, compared to other space-sims of that time, because of the fast-paced combat, and the excellent developing tactical missions and story. I never played freelancer as I'm a joystick-guy, too bad for me probably.

Independence war, Edge of Chaos. The atmosphere of this game was incredible, involving story, open-ended world and excellent combat - definitly one to remember.

Darkstar One was good, a little repetitive, and the last part of the game your ship was extremly overpowered, but without a doubt it's one of the better space-sims of newer times.

#8SpardaSon21Posted 9/24/2008 11:40:00 AM
Freespace 2; and not just because its gone open-source.

Wing Commander 3&4.


X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

That's about it. Not really a fan of the X series or Darkstar One myself. Freelancer isn't really part of the list. No joystick = not a flight sim.
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#9Cranberry2Posted 9/25/2008 4:24:29 AM

For me the best are Freespace2, Freelancer, X3 Reunion. One thing I don't like at first in Dark Horizon, is the adjustments you make on your spaceship for each mission(shiled/weapon/speed power), I would like it carried over or changing energy while in the space like in Freespace2, and obligues you to look for dif strategies because of the ship you made troughout the game.

I'm looking for Evochron Renegades, seems nice, I'll play the demo but it seems not many know about it tough the reviews in the site are good. Maybe to good compared with the User Ratings. Having a cockpit is awesome, really like it.

#10skipper847Posted 9/25/2008 9:29:43 AM
I loved WingCommander3, I think that was my first ever interactive movie what was actualy very good. Sorry excellent. Those where the days with interactive movies hehe.