How do i skate backwards with the puck?

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8 years ago#1
I've seen it done online a few times in shootouts, and general rushes at the net. I know that you don't hold L2, it centers you on the goalie. How do you do it?
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8 years ago#2
i'm not trying to be an ass but why would you ever want to skate backwards with the puck - you may as well invite someone to completely frieght train you with a body check - and in real life - i could be wrong on this - but if you skate backwards with the puck in a shootout - the puck is considered behind you and that's the same as if you lose control of the puck
8 years ago#3

You basicall hold L2 (Vision Control) and move the directional stick downwards. Thats it.

@Aces, this technique is actually effective when in your own zone or the center ice. It creates better passes and gives more openings for passes. Pretty nice to use in eashl. But yeah for the shootout, that would be stupid.

8 years ago#4

Don't do it, it's the most cheesiest move known to man . Almost a sure thing

8 years ago#5
Oh..that kind of skating backwards in a shootout. You would basically hold L2 while skating to the net in a shootout, go to the right or left side of the goalie, and just keep holding L2 should do it. But yeah like the poster above me said, its pretty cheap.
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