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Saints Row Collection Petition (Archived)dtrexofgaming17/27/2014
Save folder location (steam version)? (Archived)rigice11/14/2014
Are there any cheats or mods to make Crowd Control actually possible? (Archived)Itemloop18/22/2013
New Modding tools to come out from Volition (Archived)rt389g18/14/2013
How do I switch to the controller. (Archived)Rotonoto14/3/2013
This is the worst optimized game ever. (Archived)The Wheelman141/12/2013
Can I play this with a controller?(2 questions) (Archived)zabaes27/3/2012
hidden text in journals (Archived)theslider17/3/2012
Any fan patches that make the PC version at the very least more bearable? (Archived)Superrpgman25/7/2012
ANY possible way to make "driving" more tolerable or should I just dum (Archived)thesims1depot74/7/2012
odd sound bugg (Archived)keshka4life113/24/2012
$3.49 on steam today!! (Archived)macmahon18763/19/2012
Who wants to play Saints row 2 co-op (YOU NEED A MIC) (Archived)LifelessChild13/18/2012
How long does it take for an in game day to pass? (Archived)venommist13/13/2012
CO-OP Snatch is the biggest load of crap ever >_> (Archived)Kosba_214232/5/2012
wow this game is horribly optimized (Archived)blingbling07831/7/2012
Custom Content? (Archived)aestevalis_0311/23/2011
No Fall Damage (Archived)aestevalis_0111/16/2011
TRIP REPORT: 2x Radeon HD 6990 + 16 GB of RAM + Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600k OC'd (Archived)ZeroRaider19/12/2011
System requirements question. (Archived)DeuxHero38/11/2011
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