Menu scrolling problem!!

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7 years ago#1
Hi, when i load the game up, the main menu keeps scrolling down., so i cant select anything!!
I went into task manager and disabled both my HID-compliant controllers, and the menu works now, but this disables my game controllers!!!

anyone got a solution please?
7 years ago#2
Re-plug your controllers and make sure their sticks are neutral. Alternatively, raise their deadzones.
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7 years ago#3
tried that mate, thanks, but no joy

is ANYONE playing this with controllers?
7 years ago#4
actually, i misread your post.

i cant dead-zone the sticks in-game because i cant navigate the menu's, and i dont know if you can do this outside the game!

what now?
7 years ago#5
I'm having the same problem too, and cannot figure it out
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