How to remove the streaking censor

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7 years ago#1
Find the file called "shaders_pc" in your main game folder.

Make a copy of it, then open it with notepad and find the line "data\shaders\standard\sr2-pixelate_c.fxo_pc".

Simply delete that line and save the document. Viola, no more censors.

Also note that females ARE anatomically correct, from the waste up at least, so obviously this trick is not for kids.
7 years ago#2

You dirty, dirty boy.

(Thank you)

7 years ago#3
7 years ago#4
where under programs is the saints row main game file located in? steam or somewhere else, cuz i cant find it
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7 years ago#5
For anyone who needs to know, the file is in the Saints Row 2 folder under Steam/steamapps/common.
7 years ago#6
My character's been a topless female for quite some time so I gave it a try.

Oddly enough, I prefer the censoring. I've been so desensitized to nudity that seeing it in a video game really doesn't get a reaction from me anymore. However, keeping on the censorship maintains the sense of "taboo," which is why I made the character that way in the first place.
7 years ago#7
Haha lol, Nice trick, Pity i have it for the 360 rather then the PC xD.
I'd say if Violition found out about that they'd raise the age level xD.
7 years ago#8
It's already rated M. Toplessness and bare ass should not raise the games rating, there are already games out there with that thing. On older systems no less.
Stupidity is like a virus, it can spread fast!
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