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6 years ago#1

I have seen topics and webpages with AR codes for this game. Since I'm stuck on the runeys i decided to get the action Replay for the wii. I have already used an AR on the PS2. My question is how do you add the codes and use them?
6 years ago#2
The only cheat codes I know are for the homebrew cheat system. It's legal and free although Nintendo doesn't like you to have/use the homebrew channel. You need an SD card and a way to put data from your PC on it, though...

I'm not sure if these codes are directly translatable to AR codes, but it's worth a shot.

Here's the Runey code for HBC cheaters in .txt format

04492b9c 3C3C3C3C
04492ba0 3C3C3C3C
04492ba4 3C3C3C3C
04492ba8 3C3C3C3C
04492bac 3C3C3C3C
04492bb0 3C3C3C3C
04492bb4 3C3C3C3C
04492bb8 3C3C3C3C
04492bbc 3C3C3C3C

If you're using the HBC cheat, you have to get a .txt to .gct converter and convert what I posted into a .gct file.
your best friend's drug dealer
6 years ago#3
cool Thanks
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