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7 years ago#1
Ok guys, this is such an eye sore..

The runey system is easy once you get an area in yellow. What that tells you is "This area will keep on re-poping runeys"
Say the mountain trail is in yellow. Forget what area its strong in, it doesn't matter at this point. All that matters is: Grass. It will decrease, just like the guide on this message board tells you about, 2 every day, other than 1-7th of every month.

If your planting stuff on your farm like you do in ANY OTHER HM game, you'll easily make 10~14 grass runeys a day on your farm if your just trying to not go over board with planting.

Your areas around the map, at max, if they all lose 2 a day, will EQUAL 14 runeys.

So on AVERAGE(not the max) you plant = to 10~14, and each area will lose 10~14, not counting the 20th.

I think its safe to assume that the makers had this in thought:
"Have homeland repop enough runeys that the other areas can be maintaned"

I doubt they even had a grass factory in their mind(although, it DOES work, and it works nicely when your trying to balance out all the areas)

This whole progess of taking 10~15 runeys from each yellow area, and saving them to get the next area in yellow only took me one real life day, and I didnt JUST do the runeys all day. I got silver for the first time, moonflowers were ready for the storyline, and I got a few other things done which I'm sure you guys dont care about which well I know I wouldnt LoL.The system is easy.

IT IS -EASY-. Just get one area into the yellow, wait for them to pop to 60/60/60/grass and then take from the water-rock-tree pop about 10~15 each area, every OTHER day(you need to let that area recover some. Sometimes the next day everything but one type of runey will recover to max, for example it could be mountain trail and tree runeys be at 51, doesn't mean you did anything wrong, but on average it just takes 2 days for water/rock/tree runeys to repop back to 60 in a yellow area)

I started this around spring 13th. I am on spring 30th and I only have one area left to go until I am finally done with the runeys and just need to gather mostly grass runeys from my farm.
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7 years ago#2
This is not clear to me and doesn't make sense. I have green areas, nothing is yellow.
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7 years ago#3
Yellow = Prosperity

Go read the guide on this message board for basic's if you dont know them about the runeys.
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7 years ago#4
This one
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7 years ago#5
So, when you talk about 14 runeys spawning from crops, I assume you're having a 60 60 60 46 (or lower) ratio? With grass ranging from 35-46?
7 years ago#6
Well that's almost exactly what I wrote in the guide only in paragraphs:

17. How do I get areas into prosperity
Well the proccess is kind of slow but here's a guideline.
- Homestead will keep producing runeys, get it into prosperity, leave some fodder there and in dunegons without cutting it and use the extra runeys to balance other areas.
- Make a grass factory if you have a lot of water runeys and need grass one.
- Even with a small amount of runeys, an area should be able to survive for a while so you cab take runeys from other areas as well
- Concentrate in one area at a time and try to get them into prosperity. 40:45:45:45 works for example (water:rock:tree:grass)
- Keep grass runeys above 35 in prosperity areas, remember that 2 are taken each day.
- You can take water, rock and grass runeys from areas in prosperity since they'll "grow" back.
Keep doing this, slowly getting areas into prosperity. I have 5 right now and I've been doing this during Summer and part of fall and I haven't really spent all days doing it.

I guess I should have emphasized that you should take grass runeys from your homestead though. =P
Keep in mind that how many grass runeys grow back into your homestead depends on how many crops you have in your field and dungeons other people might not get 14-15 each day.
7 years ago#7
Exactly, your guide rocks.
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7 years ago#8
lunar, when you distribute the grass runeys does it take lots of your time and how often do you do it?
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7 years ago#9
Na man not really, I mean I gather up some runeys from my farm, and say if I need fruit, I'll go release 2~4 of them on the mountain trail.

Every holiday I go check on the runeys to see if anything is crazy (in my case everything is balanced but grass runeys)

Its really relaxing and you almost forget about the runeys once all the areas have 60/60/60/-insert grass here-

Just grow a lot of crops and dont harvest it. If you want monsters to harvest for you, purposely only make it have 1~3 friendship so it only works X amount of the field. Keep that X amount of field for money, then at the bottem right half keep the crops you dont harvest for runeys.
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7 years ago#10
how many plots of 3x3 do you use when you get 14ish grass runeys?
"oh no you got the Virus Magikarp. It happened to me once really is too bad."-Darth_Zarev
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