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7 years ago#11
It is a strange choice. And worse, it's happened in three high-potency sequels that I've played so far: Fire Emblem, ToS2 and this one. There's a surge of anti-magic here.
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7 years ago#12
Wyverneye, I have no idea what your complaint is. o_o; Now, I happened to skip Rune Factory 2, so I haven't any idea if magic spells were improved upon in that game, but in RF1, spells were cast by purchasing and equipping spellbooks. Because it is equipment, you could only have one equipped at a time. But, both games (RF1 and RFF) have a rotary menu for spells (just place rods on the Custom ring, or scroll down twice to the Weapons ring), and it really only takes a second or two to swap between them. I'm just not seeing where the "you can only equip one spell at a time" argument comes from, because it's so easy to switch them out.

Furthermore, in RF1, the only real useful spells were the teleporting ones and the status-restoring/healing book. Anything that dealt damage used an immensely unbalanced amount of Rune Points - that is, the same amount of damage (usually significantly more) could have been dealt by using a weapon instead, with far less RP consumption.

In Frontier, magic rods use significantly less Rune Points to cast, and even less than that just to swing it as if it were a weapon (gaining Magic EXP nonetheless). And the usefulness of the spells is immeasurable - plus, the animations just plain LOOK awesome. It's even entirely possible to solely use magic rods INSTEAD of weapons.

IN SUMMARY: If anything, Frontier has vastly IMPROVED the magic system. But perhaps there is some other aspect of this that bothers you, and I'm just not seeing it. Would you mind clarifying what the "surge of anti-magic" is, instead of just saying that the game is ruined? I'm not trying to be argumentative at all, I just can't figure out what the issue is here.
7 years ago#13
The problem I see here is that you're locked. You can't wield a sword AND cast spells. It's one of either. Apart from that, accesibility is severely decreased. So far, I have three spells and no way of getting new ones. And my main problem with the game is that it revolves around the runey system, but that's beside the point.
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7 years ago#14
Diversity. You can equip one spell, and one spell only. And it's a pain to have to switch canes repeatedly to switch spells. Besides, I thought the D-pad shortcuts were for magic.

In RF you could only equip one spell, and one spell only. You had to either go into your sack and manually switch them or use the shortcut.

In RFF you can only equip one cane, and one cane only. You have to either go into your sack and manually switch it or use the shortcut.

I don't see how your complaint is valid at all... especially since you seem to be comparing to an earlier game in the series.

Also, the runey system isn't that difficult. Especially not since we've had people on this board to Runey Research almost nonstop since the game came out. Heck, I goofed up on runeys for my first few weeks and then decided to fix it, and I did without much difficulty at all. If you don't like the game or its mechanics, don't play it. Trade it in for something more enjoyable for you.
7 years ago#15
maybe he just doesn't like rods...
7 years ago#16
You get new spell-rods by crafting them of course, just like the other weapons and tools. It's a way of pacing the game so you don't have MEGASPELL X on Spring 2, just like with the weapons and the tools.

If your main concern is the runey system, then use the knowledge of others for your own success. There's a guide to runeys stickied right there and plenty of runey questions asked long before now.
7 years ago#17
No, I don't like rods. Or rather, the way my character wields it. But I can't wield a spear and a spell. (Why aren't there any bows by the way?)

And I dislike the runey system. I want to farm and have monster aid without worrying about the population of spirits.
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7 years ago#18
But the rods are all sooooo cool-looking! XD

Well, it looks like the basis of this thread is just your personal opinion. We've provided everything we can to try and help you out. Just keep in mind that's it's only a game and it's supposed to be fun, so do your best to enjoy yourself. Focus on what makes the game amazing instead of small details that are only slightly inhibiting. Best of luck to you, and have fun with it! :3
7 years ago#19
"Small detail"? The Runey system? I can't farm due to Runeys, I can't have pets due to Runeys, I hardly make any money due to runeys and I somehow ended up severely underleveled. Every good point of the game has collapsed on me. I think I'll get back to SSBB...
SSBB FC: 2277-7377-5499. Screenname: Ymir
7 years ago#20
This is another high-potency sequel that has been ruined...

WHAT?!? Lol!

And the runeys system is not even close to be as bad as you are trying to make it sounds. It's so simple to use (And I am the kind of person who hates elitist who claim everything is too easy... yeah it's that easy to deal with and I am not trying to come off as a ****.). If the runeys are ruining your gameplay experience, you've obviously did something bad in your game.
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