Gate on Whale Island?

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How do I get past that locked gate in the garden with the cow, sheep, and wolf-like monsters on Whale Island?

Also, are there any other dungeons/islands I can go to? If so, how can I get there? :3

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~What are the green ruins, also?

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Befriend Iris in her tower at night (either Tomato Juice or Flowers will do) to 1fp. That should let you see a scene with a man leaving the tower. Follow him up to the gate and it should get unlocked.

Green Ruins is one of the first ruins you can do, outside of mist's house and you just use a sickle to cut the grass to open it. After you defeat those ruins you can go unlock the Lava Ruins, and then after that you can unlock the Snow Ruins. Depending on your level... you might want to try exploring the Green Ruins before going further into Whale Island. The further you need to do is get to the Tail Tree Map to see the little cutscene in order to progress through the main plot.

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i currently have 5 FP and 4 LP with Iris.
i pass the Green Ruin, and the second ruin (won't spoil it).
Iris say to check the gate often, and that it will open someday...but the gate is closed.

Some talk about things that need to be done for Mist before the gate open.
If this is it, i really don't know what is the thing i miss to do.

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If I remember correctly you need to have 2-3 dreams after talking to Mist. You're probably not having them because you're not going to bed before 10pm every night. Make sure that at one point Mist starts growing flowers in her yard.

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i'm now in i will probably have to wait.

i try to talk to Mist 30 times in a row, even if i talk to her many times a day (with 8FP/6LP), and she finally say that she have some strange seed she water at her house....and that i should go see them some day. i try to go there in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening, without result (no cutscene). i probably need to see her water the seed, then sleep before 10 pm after that to see the dream...and the gate should open the next time i go to the whale island, after 7 pm.

i have great fun with this game...but the way to open some story parts seem...pretty ramdom.
Mist should talk about that seed as soon as needed (not after 30 tries in a row).
Also, we need to go to sleep...before 10 pm to have these dreams, it's a bad choice.
If someone never go to sleep this early, the story won't ever unlock.

Anyone remember at what time of the day Mist water this seed?
and is it possible to see this scene in Winter?

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It should work as long as you've met Iris.

One week after you've met Iris you'll have your 2nd dream. The morning after go talk to Mist and she'll be watering her flower. Go to bed early again and you should have your 3rd dream that lets you meet Gelwein who unlocks the gate.

I doubt the seasons matter since it's the main plot afterall.

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i have met Iris more than a month ago (5 fp, 4 lp), and she say that the gate will open someday. i probably got the dream.

Even if i go to sleep before 10 pm, i have no dream as of now.

Mist finally talk about seeds and go see them at her house, after harassing her, talking again and again, 30 times in a row. (i usually talk to her 5-6 times in a row each day, and she only say the same random stuff).

Still no dream if i go to sleep before 10 pm.

i try to go to Mist house every hour of a day, without seing her watering anything (Winter), BUT i remember seing her watering flowers near her house in the automn (without ever talking about the seed at that time, and i was talking to her).

i may need to wait for the see her again watering her seed.
from the time being, i will have fun, doing other stuff in dungeon.

The mind is like a parachute... It only works when it is open!!
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Nah, she always waters her flowers in winter. I'm on the second year of winter and she does it every morning around 8am or so. You're probably missing something else in the game. I'd help you figure it out but I lent out my RFF game to a friend to play since I've finished xD I'll check the notes I kept from playing and see if I can help figure out what it is.

But not for a few hours since I'm heading out, maybe someone else will figure it out by then ^^ Good luck. And go beat the Green Ruins or something instead of stressing out about it. Plenty to do in the game and all that gate really unlocks is for you to go to the Tail Tree to see the scene with the giant rune. Other than that you'll be going back to the Green/Lava/Snow Ruins anyway.

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thank's for trying.

On holiday, i just go to Iris, who still say the gate may unlock, going at it someday.
Monday morning, Sunny
at 8 am and 8h30, Mist is still in his house, sitting at the table, i need to knock to enter.
then 9 am...and Mist finally water his seed (still is at 11 am)
it was probably snowy when i was trying to see her, after knowing about the seed.
talking to her work.
i save, and try to sleep, and got the dream. now the gate will unlock.

to unlock the gate, we need...
talk to Iris (maybe build up his FP)
go to sleep before 10 pm, dream (i think)
talk to Mist, again and again, so she talk about a strange seed.
go to Mist house, around 9-11 am, on a sunny day, see her watering the seed, talk to her.
go to sleep before 10 pm, dream
return to iris...

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