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7 years ago#1
I have no idea how to view. I keep talking to Cinnamon and I think she mentioned constellations once but has said nothing about them since. Also I have looked up the times for all the constellations and I can't seem to be find any of them.

Can anyone give a step by step guide on constellations and how to view them.
7 years ago#2
Go to the observatory on the times Cinnamon tells you when you can see them and hit 1.
7 years ago#3
A.) Get Cinnamon to tell you about a constellation. This is the hardest part, as it's random and seems to not come up very often.
B.) Once she's told you about a constellation, you are then able to view it.
C.) To view them, go the Observatory on Mountain Road.
D.) They are only there from certain periods at night, some appearing as soon as it's night time (7-8), some appearing as late as 2 am (maybe later?)
E.) Press 1 on your Wii Mote to look at the sky, and wait for Raguna to say something about the constellation, should you have fulfilled all the previous steps.
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7 years ago#4
Thanks for the help. I will keep trying.
7 years ago#5
You do need to make sure you raise the FP of the person whose constellation you're trying to see. For example, if you want to see Selphy's Crown constellation, you have to raise Selphy's FP. It's typically a little less than 1 FP, so just keep talking to them daily until their FP is high enough. Also, you do need to talk to Cinnamon in the correct season to see the constellation. So, following Selphy's example, you need to talk to Cinnamon in Spring to get her to mention the Crown constellation. Hope that helps!
7 years ago#6
Also, any constellations that you have heard about from Cinnamon will show up in books in the library. Look on the 2nd floor, left side. The books will remind you what time of night and what season. I used that if I ever forgot.
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7 years ago#7
Thank you that is great help. That is what I was missing. I was trying to view constellations of girls that I didnt have high enough FP with.
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