Are there any ways to increase animal friendship levels?

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Besides feeding, petting, talking walks, and friend days?

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I just posted a question about the effect of greenifier on fodder. I wonder if increasing fodder level helps to increase friendship levels with Monsters more quickly. Has anyone tested this? I can't find any posts about this yet.
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I just posted a question about the effect of greenifier on fodder. I wonder if increasing fodder level helps to increase friendship levels with Monsters more quickly. Has anyone tested this? I can't find any posts about this yet.

You could do a quick test on that if fodder actually goes up.........

But the quickest way that I use is making a friendship day, brush the monster, take him to a dungeon/beach/mountain, and then the square. Which is a guarantee level increase the next day which isn't all that bad since 10 level = bout one friendship point...........Doesn't seem bad to me haven't really tested doing anything else with them.
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just a question to clarify do you take them the dungeon, beach, AND mountain, or just pick one.

Has anyone tried giving the pets a rune stone b/c it mentioned someone giving their chitter a rune stone in one of the library books.
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You choose a dungeon or beach/mountain for them to get happy then square for very happy.

The rune stones breeds monsters. aka they lay a egg then after 7 to 9 days hatches with higher stats and level,

But if you do that friendship day and the walks and brush they're guarantee one level per day so when they're in their egg form you can brush or anything so don't breed until they're level 10 and you won't have to worry about them.
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so it'd be easier to just focus on one production creature and get it to FP10 instead of trying to get a bunch of wild caught ones?
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Yeah, pretty much. One creature of high level is better than a bunch of weaker ones for the most part...

But, to compare:

More low level creatures = More low level items
Fewer, higher level creatures = Fewer, but higher level items.

If you just want a lot of eggs, for example, just catch a ton of chickens. But if you want to cook high level food, it's better to raise one creature to higher friendship levels for high level eggs...
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Friendship to animals is calculated on a hidden value and once it reaches a certain mark the monster gains another FP point.

The easiest way to quickly raise a monster's FP, is to get friend days and breed it, the bred monster will always have greater FP than its parent (bear in mind breeding gives a considerable boost to the monster's hidden FP value and not actual FP value), even if it takes 10 days for the monster to hatch, this boost is still bigger than 10 days worth of brushing.
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If the breeding will create a higher FP value than just brushing, does it also generate a higher FP point than brushing and taking out to the square?

I'm in Winter here so I'm just fooling around doing chill stuff and walking my animals but if breeding them will go faster AND have the better FP, I'll just get my groups up to level 10 that way. I figured on next season picking up some new version monsters for old jobs so I could keep walking them. I don't like taking a monster off it's job because I do that during the morning and then they won't do their job at all if I do that every day so the two that are still earning their fodder don't get walks.

I guess I could grab a couple of those cool minotaurs for woodcutting (iirc) and then make one breed out and the other not and see how it works.
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Freyon is wrong, if you read my early post i explained this because I notice this on my old file.

I use to breed monsters since they got higher friendship values and where at a higher level than the parent and base stats, but when they're in the egg form for all that time the parent if you use a friendship day and brush and walk it every day it will gain a level each day by doing that.

The egg has to sit at it's level and stats till it hatches and that's around what 7 to 10 days right?

The egg will usually be four levels higher than the parent but with that Friend/brush/walk gaining a level each day the parent will still surpass it's child in friendship points before the egg even hatches.

Unless Freyon means that if you used an Egg and when the baby hatches you brush and walk him with a friendship day he'll gain like two level a day (which I doubt) it's still easier to raise one monster to level 10 and then just give them Rune Stones so that it'll breed level 10 kids and no extra brushing or walks involved.