Just how rare are those little crystal's anyway?

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7 years ago#1
I've been all over Trampoli and haven't found a little crystal yet! I guess they're just that little "huh"? has anyone found them? and if so please tell me where, my eyes probably aren't what they used to be. please respond Thank You!
7 years ago#2
Oh there was a treasure chest up on the top of the whale that would sometimes spawn a level 1 little crystal.
it's in one of the rooms you have to use a rune stone to open.
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7 years ago#3
Read the posts on this thread:

7 years ago#4

I've come to find out that those little crystals are not rare at all. It did seem like that before I got some though :). When I go up to the Towers now I hit all 5 and sometimes I get none but more often than not I get at least 2. I have actually gotten 3 from one Tower at one time. In the Tower treasure chests you get level 1, 2, 4 and 8 depending on which tower you're in.You always get the same level crystals in a given Tower. The Tower that takes water rune stones gives you level 8, the Towers that take rock or tree runes give you level 4. The Tower that takes grass gives level 2 and the one that you can use any type of rune stone gives level 1. I should also add that I have gotten a level 9 and a level 10 but those I got from breaking rocks in the Lava and Green Ruins. If that's more information than you wanted...sorry in advance.

7 years ago#5
Oooooh, this is good, eSheron. Now you just need to specify which towers contain which level crystal -- oh, and where precisely did you find the level 9 and 10 crystals :)

Seriously, though, thank you for that.

Also, here's a link to a map of the Whale Island Towers Floating Chamber, if anyone is interested. I think it's useful, especially if you are just learning your way around there:

7 years ago#6

here you go:

Tower Of Glory - Water Rune Stone - lvl 8

Tower of Plenty - Rock Rune Stone - lvl 4

Tower of Rebirth - Tree Rune Stone - lvl 4

Tower of Birth - Any type Rune Stone - lvl 1

Tower of Life - Grass Rune Stone - lvl 2

lvl 10 - Green Ruins - level before the boss level

lvl 9 - Rocks outside the Boss chamber

lvl 2 - Rocks right outside the upper entrance to the Tower of Plenty

7 years ago#7

Oops - I didn't specify that the lvl 9 little crystal- rocks right outside the boss chamber in the Lava Ruins (I break those rocks all the time when I go to water my crops down there so it took a lot of rock breaking)

7 years ago#8
wow, this is great. Thanks.
two questions:
"lvl 10 - Green Ruins - level before the boss level
lvl 9 - Rocks outside the Boss chamber"

is that second one also Green Ruins or whale Island?
and do you need a special hammer/attack to get them? Because I have never gotten any at the green ruins.
7 years ago#9
Wow! That's great! As far as breaking rocks, I need "The Hammer" to get the little crystal that way, don't I? I'm still waiting on I forget which flower to mature to make that. Thank you!
7 years ago#10

In regards to "The Hammer" - it seems like I never got any high level ores (esp. platinum) or any little crsytals from rocks until I had that. One mistake I made was using my first lvl 1 little crystal to make the Rune Sword which you obviously can't upgrade with scrap metal. I learned to use low level crystals to make my tools that you can upgrade and my high level ones to make weapons which you can't. You'll also want lots of little crystals to make the lab items to increase Raguna's stats and the elemental type items. Of course what made getting little crystals so much easier to get was when I finally followed the Runey guide (that someone was so awesome to post here) so I have an endless supply of rune stones.

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