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Where can I find a wet scale?

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6 years ago#1
I need a wet scale to forge the golden hammer but i cant find one.
I've been looking for one for some time now but i cant seem to find one.
Can anyone help me find one?
6 years ago#2
sky fish on whale island flank drop em, hiher levels gotten from sealy in whale island drain and the micro and mini dragon from lower levels of the snow dungeon.
6 years ago#3
wait what tower are those at
6 years ago#4
tower of glory but only on of them appear there the mini IIRC
6 years ago#5
ok thanks!
now i need to figure out how to open the fin gate...
6 years ago#6
to open fin gate, get iris up to one FP, give her the flowers you planted out front of her house or if you can tomato juice. Talk to mist in the mornings about 9A.M. She'll give an offhand comment about a seed she's growing. that night you'll have a dream. any time after that stop by Iris's house around 6 or 7 P.M. Gelwein should come waltzing out as you try to enter.
6 years ago#7
The earliest place for you is the sky fish ( i think ) in the place right after the fin, then after the tail tree, in the drain area, when you go down the first flight of stairs you can get some from the sealy, I think the tortas' drop it, but not sure. Level 10 ones can be gotten from mini dragons or the micro dragon, at the snow ruins sixth floor (and some on the 4th I believe), or the tower of glory (i think) garden.
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6 years ago#8

Ok guys, thanks for all the help. I just finished the game!!!!

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  3. Where can I find a wet scale?

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