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5 years ago#1

I have "The Hammer", and am looking for the best place to find little crystals and platinum. I can get through every floor on the Snow Ruins except for 6 (which is easy to get to from 7). I haven't done much in the towers up the rope in the whale.

Where's the easiest place with a decent likelyhood of getting little crystals and platinum?

(I once got a little crystal in the bottom of the fire ruins).

I haven't figured out how to have a pet get me gems.

5 years ago#2
Check out this post. eSheron gives specifics on little crystal locations.
5 years ago#3

Not easy places. I've got a lot of rune stones now, so I can skip the tower with the rope (grass rune stones are the rarest). But I spent hours one day trying to get little crystals in the first tower, so the odds aren't good.

I know where there are rocks on the 2nd level of the Snow Ruins, but lately I haven't even found platinum there, much less little crystals. I was hoping to find rocks on level 7. I daily break the rocks at the bottom of the fire runes, where I keep some crops. I haven't planted anything in the Snow Ruins. I'm mainly there to look for platinum and up my level via fighting.

5 years ago#4

It looks as though I should concentrate on the towers for a while. I don't have enough time for both Snow Ruins & Whale Towers along with my chores.

I went to the towers today and headed straight up without fighting. There were some rocks at the top that produced platinum, and I went down two of the towers to discover their doors in one accepted any rune stones, and in the other rock rune stones. I'm guessing my other rune stones are useful as well. So I will continue buying rune stones every day (I can order one, and ask Candy for one). Grass Runeys are still dear though.

I don't see any reason to make my evening dungeon run to the Snow Ruins for now. When my level is high enough, I can return to try to get a pet dragon, and when my equipment is good enough, I can return for the Boss. But I can build both of those in the towers.

Sometimes I stop at the 3rd level of the Lava ruins to get magic crystals. Maybe I will need to do the same in the snow ruins (demon blood?)

I need to pick up stuff to practice my forging (I buy stuff to practice my crafting). I haven't tried attribute building medicines yet - the ingredients are still hard to come by.

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