Need help with "inspect airfields" single mission.

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7 years ago#1
I can't figure it out. I land, slow down just enough for all my gear to hit the ground, then speed up and take off. Far as I know that's a textbook touch and go, the yellow icons disappear, but I can't seem to clear the misssion. Do you have to do it so many times or what? Thanks in advance.
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7 years ago#2
I know it's kind of contradicting, but i think i read you should come to full stop,before taking off again.
7 years ago#3
Ok, thanks a bunch! I'm gonna go try it.
"Literacy changes everything-ask the medieval serfs."--Ask a Ninja Ninja
7 years ago#4
Yep, I was having the same trouble! Here's a tip, after your "touch" and go (land, stop and go...) if you bank and turn away from the runway and you do not see a blue arrow pointing on your heads up display you've succeeded in your landing. If you didn't do it right, there will be a blue arrow pointing you back to the airfield (the blue arrow is just like the yellow arrows that point you to your target when they're not in your line of sight). Hope that makes sense.
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7 years ago#5
hope your not flying stick,since they forgot to implement a break while landing is entirely possible with a flightstick,you cannot break,so the only thing you can do is touchdown and run circles with the rudder....
7 years ago#6
You get a subtitle that comes up when the landing is successful, in the usual place, telling you the condition of the airfield. You do indeed need to come to a complete stop, so not sure why they called it a touch-and-go. The northernmost airfield is the easiest to land on, and the 'central' (ie neither northernmost or southernmost) airfield - Hawkinge - is the hardest. I recommend doing a couple of passes and lining up some landmarks for your approach from over the airfield at a decent (500-1000m) altitude, as getting a good visual on the strip is very difficult while on the the glide slope. There are actually two bisecting strips, so you have four choices of approach vector, although one is slightly shorter than the other.

Also remember that you can taxi around and take off in the opposite direction - you need a fair bit of room to take off (at least in Realistic and above - haven't tried Arcade), and a throttle up to 20% to get some thrust before pulling it down swiftly to 10-15% to hold a taxiing speed of around 10-20mph while applying full rudder in the direction you want to turn can allow a decent turning circle. Less than 10mph is advised if you're short of turning room, though. Beware that some airfields - Hawkinge most noticeably due to the short and narrow strip - have the airfield on a raised mound, so if you ride off the edge of this it can be very hard to get back up it without damaging the prop and/or flipping the aircraft. The other two fields have their own taxiways along the side of the strip, so you can make good use of those if you're precise enough in your approach and ground manoeuvring. For this reason it's best to also plan your taxiway before making your approach as well, and come to a complete stop once you're on the ground and take a good look around before proceeding to taxi, as there's no reversing or three-point turns in one of these babies.

I also encountered one glitch which may or may not affect the PS3 version: I had noticed that opening the map during flight altered my throttle setting; I opened it while stationary on the ground, and it left me without throttle or elevator control, leading to a very poor AI-attempted take-off at 93% throttle followed by a swift stall and crash. The map really isn't needed anyway in this mission as you can find the airfields with the radar and/or HUD arrows, and your actual approach won't be aided by it at all.

If you read all this you must love performing airfield routines as much as me, in which case all that's left to say is... happy landings!
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