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8 years ago#61
So I am guessing no one has heard anything on this matter yet which is a shame considering how anticipated it was.
8 years ago#62
Yeah, no news yet on my end. I dunno about anyone else.
8 years ago#63
I have a bad feeling. If NISA isn't saying anything more about this issue, does that mean they are covering the fact that they are lying somewhere? What if they did had to take out the content for unknown reasons? Or simply can't fix the glitch and don't want to scare away potential customers?
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8 years ago#64
Or it could be that, y'know, they're just busy.
8 years ago#65
Might be that, lol! Hope they respond soon. As there are companies that like to hide things of the sort, but I can't see NISA doing that.
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I like to use exclamation points!! My favorite punctuation and it just shows emotion!!
8 years ago#66
Yes, I know it's hard waiting to hear back.

But for all the people who are feeling impatient, you should register on NISA's forum and post in the topic about your concerns or send them an email. The more people that post and email them about this issue, the more they'll know how important it is to the fans.

Of course, remember to be polite and coherent. We already know that the content is supposed to be there so there is no reason to get upset. You'll help the cause a lot more by acting supportive.
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8 years ago#67
I emailed them Sunday and have not gotten a reply of any kind back. Even if all they could tell me is, "We're looking into it," it's EXTREMELY unprofessional to not write back after nearly a week.
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8 years ago#68
Well, I'd give them at least a week before trying again. NISA is a small company and I doubt they have a very large customer service team. From my experience with them, they may take a while but they have been very friendly and helpful.

I'd suggest their forum for quicker feedback. Though they only have one person who does customer service of their message board (houktg), but he's very helpful though.
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8 years ago#69
I would definitely give NISA more than a week to answer your email. If there has been a customer outcry for a solution to the bonus content (which I imagine there is), you can be assured that they are working on it. Like the previous poster said, it is a pretty small company -- they probably don't have an extensive staff dedicated to customer service responses. I believe that they're trying to work it out before they respond to any particular message; it makes more sense to make a blanket public statement than to respond to hundreds (if not thousands) of individual email and forum posts.
8 years ago#70
Atl east they aren't giving you a lame automated response.
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