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3 years ago#1
Hi everyone, I'm trying to find the patch that puts back the English songs into the game. It used to be available on gbatemp but that was a long time ago and the links no longer work. Does anybody know where I could look for this patch? It used to be found here :

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
If you can message people on that board, I'd try sending a message to the guy below CPhantom to see if he still has the file since they are still active. Outside of that, I can't seem to find anything that would help.
3 years ago#3
Yeah that's probably the only way to get it now. Thank you.
3 years ago#4
wait... but i thought the game and dialogue are already in eng ?
3 years ago#5
Yeah but the songs in this version are in japanese while the songs in the psx version were in english. The patch in question puts back the english songs and also greatly increases the audio quality of the game.
3 years ago#6
The audio quality was awful... I wonder if they fixed the cursor sound because they drove me nuts.
3 years ago#7
the guy last post on the gba temp site is from 2011
so any luck?
3 years ago#8
hhmmm... so u meant the songs inside. Were them awful ? I think its still ok, at least back then when i played.
3 years ago#9
bump... .... ...
3 years ago#10
bump.... ... ...
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