Free Year of Service for Students (Sprint + Best Buy)

#1Treason686Posted 11/18/2013 5:22:14 PM
Haven't seen this posted, but I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

Basically, you buy the phone outright at the unsubsidized price, and get a year of unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for free. You can upgrade to unlimited data for $10.

Additionally, if you refer another student, they can get onto the account for free and you get an additional twelve months of free service.

Sprint has cancelled our account for excessive roaming (My step-dad was roaming in the Boondocks while he was working), so I guess it worked out pretty well. They're letting us keep our phones, so I'm selling my HTC One and getting the new Nexus. Hopefully someone I know will sign up along with me so we can get two years.
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#2KorlithielPosted 11/18/2013 7:55:40 PM
Thanks for the link, will seriously look into this very soon.
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#3ArabianPenguinsPosted 11/18/2013 10:27:16 PM
It it was for ATT or Verizon, I would consider this, but for Sprint, it isn't worth it in my opinion.
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#4ZeusthagodPosted 11/19/2013 10:29:22 AM
Not worth the torture of using such a horrible network.
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#5Gamerguy92Posted 11/20/2013 5:11:37 AM
From: Zeusthagod | 11/19/2013 12:29:22 PM
Not worth the torture of using such a horrible network.

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