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tdavy. dumb question. did you equip the weapon after you made it?
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Mellerker500 posted...
How do I get all endings in my second playthrough?

You can get them all on the first play through. Do all the private actions between flights
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For Number 7. It is true, that u don't have to, but u will notice a increase of Loading times when u install the game to your HDD (Xbox 360) I noticed that it still shaved off about 2 to 3 seconds instead of using the disc, and well since it'll let ur discs live longer it might be not that of a bad idea. Okay I've got the 360 Slim (250 GByte) So I've still got plenty of space left, but it's ofcourse entirely your own choice! :)
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Ohh before I forget, People u can use the bbcode [.Spoiler][./Spoiler] to hide the text :) Without the period ofcourse.
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on your list of tri-ace games you missed a couple:

Resonance of Fate

Eternal Sonata (yes..it was made by Tri_cresendo, which btw..are tri ace people that made a new company, so in a way, also made by tri-ace)
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