Secret Memo?

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7 years ago#1
I am on the first planet of Disc 3 (EN II or some such) and someone in the shopping area of this place wants me to find a Secret Memo.

But where do i find the Secret Memo?

And the quest in question is called "where's the recipe?"
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7 years ago#2
Where is the fauna flora lab i cannot find it for the life of me
7 years ago#3
You have to pickpocket the guy in the item shop north of the shopping mall. The one that gives the red firefly quest.
7 years ago#4
Then that means i have to lower my characters affection points in order to finish this quest?.

Yeah.... I think I'll wait till my second play through to do that then.

Thanks though. I will remember that for my second time through.
Do i make you feel pretty?
7 years ago#5
Dammit as i believed i cannot do that quest since it get black screen whenever i enter the shop. dammit!!!

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