Another Gerel Schism Question...

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Hello, everyone.
Does anyone know if the Gerel's special ability Schism has a limit as far as a single Gerel casting it? I've just com back from Lemuria and remembered the fantastic job I was doing when it came to leveling up Faize, so I thought I would do the same for Lymle. Funny that now, Lymle is the only char on my tem that WON'T kill those Gerel with one hit.

Anyway, I started to work the old process, figuring I'd probably get some botany BTs for Reimi (and it seems to work when you get those fresh sages, anyone verify?) and got in the zone with this one Gerel that was attacking Edge. After about ten or twelve minutes, however, he wouldn't cast Schism anymore. I tried baiting him, switching his target, luring him, blindsiding him, all of my old tricks, but none worked. Could it be that Gerel and other monsters have a hidden MP that can run out? If so, that would put only a small crimp in my style. Still, it would be nice to know.

Any relevant information is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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My apologies for the double post.

Does anyone know of any other enemies that "spawn" other copies of themselves? I've seen it with the Kobolds "Whistle" ability and I think that some saber tooth tigers were about to call in reinforcements with "howl" but Faize killed them before I could find out what the ability does. They never used it again, even after nearly a hundred saber tooth tiger kills. I wanted the fangs, but needed something that cute to die again and again...
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The believe that the original one will not divide any more, but the spawned copy can divide. It is random though.
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As far as other enemies that call for reinforcements, the wolves do it and I think some of the Cardinon/enemies on Nox Obscurus do it, but I am not sure if there is a limit on the number they can call.