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Sticky*Star Ocean: The Last Hope Board FAQ 1.0 READ BEFORE POSTING* (Sticky)
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Are stat gains the same in the 360 and international versions?Marcus_Storm410/20 5:06AM
symbol cityezschack110/7 8:14PM
Question about targetingMarcus_Storm710/7 1:21AM
stuck in temple dungeon PLEASE HELPangelus455210/6 9:30AM
question about the game(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)GTthunder39/30 10:52AM
Get boss jewels on first run-through! (Archived)bustedbrain49/21 10:21AM
Did you rename the characters? If so, share! (Archived)OmniGod_Boy69/9 6:38PM
Going after post game content. Is it necessary to change my party? (Archived)aarelovich28/23 8:51AM
Chain Combo setups (Archived)TeeTheWicked97/22 1:36PM
Complete the Team (Archived)Rev_Phil66/28 9:03AM
Did Wolf Team make this game? (Archived)ManoutofTime91316/15 9:01PM
effects of food (Archived)xSugaSuga25/18 8:01PM
looking for insight on final play through (Archived)GanzRampage35/15 4:42PM
looking for insight on first play through (Archived)xSugaSuga55/14 10:08PM
The big fail that Edge was during and after Earth got me thinking.. (Archived)MertensCW94/24 3:32AM
****ing piece of **** game. (Archived)GanzRampage74/15 10:57AM
replaying this and its quite bad from how i remember it. (possible spoilers) (Archived)treos224/3 10:11AM
difficulty level differences (Archived)treos233/19 2:59PM
On the field, how to initate battle on flying mobs? (Archived)darkedone0282/21 4:13PM
Pickpocketing and endings (second playthrough spoiler) (Archived)jellykelly2831/9 6:55PM
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