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that new ship should have been in the game (Archived)VicViper_Mk2112/27/2012
Thoughts on ending... (spoilers?) (Archived)riobard112/22/2012
Lemuria and Eldarians (spoilers) (Archived)Outlawzero212/15/2012
having trouble with synth (Archived)thekritman512/10/2012
i hate the roak arc spoiler (Archived)Max58201712/9/2012
How would the story go if Jack Russell was the main character? possible spoiler (Archived)The Orange Cow211/29/2012
random quest+few post game questions?*Spoilers* (Archived)rikku1987311/29/2012
Which Star Ocean game do you think has the best "Hit Satisfaction"? (Archived)Quasher311/23/2012
How long can one avoid leveling Beat S and B on Galaxy mode? *SPOILERS* (Archived)Quasher711/23/2012
Any story content in the Astral Caves? (Archived)Berabouman311/19/2012
Stuck in Miga Insect Warren B4. (Archived)Braver_Angel_70311/17/2012
Monster Crystals trophy? (Archived)Resident Evil Lord411/14/2012
Exact damage Help (Archived)tonydr862002411/9/2012
In love with Bacchus after the IC Achievement (Archived)TeeTheWicked111/7/2012
Couple of questions about post-game content (Archived)Berabouman411/6/2012
Synthesis Help (Archived)tonydr862002211/5/2012
Has This Game Ever Froze On You Or? (Archived)
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Omg Miga insect warren are you kidding me!? (Archived)
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What is Sarah's IQ? (Archived)OrangeCrush98019/29/2012
How far was I? *slight spoilers* (Archived)KarmelCHAOS29/23/2012
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