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Capture Card Help Required (Archived)Sin9339/10/2012
end game question(spoilers) (Archived)DackWellers39/9/2012
If I only pickpocket for the sidequests then how many love potions will I need? (Archived)sernines49/7/2012
I wish this game were better... (Archived)
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Earliest time for MP regen? (Archived)phoenixambrose28/28/2012
For Gods sake Edge, stop shaking critically injured people! (Archived)bailer4life18/28/2012
About skills and ultimate factors (Archived)ninakoru38/24/2012
Bug? (Battle Arena) (Archived)DivineFistOka58/24/2012
synthing help? (Archived)phoenixambrose328/17/2012
Another Gerel Schism Question... (Archived)phoenixambrose358/10/2012
Question(s) about Faizes SP. (Spoilers) (Archived)Zombie_Mayor27/30/2012
About Gerel and BTs (spoilers?) (Archived)phoenixambrose337/30/2012
Eleyna (Archived)Ydarf37/29/2012
I haven't played this game since I borrowed it a month after release, I hate it (Archived)Valmanways4Ever47/18/2012
(SPOILERS) Epiphany about the Epiphanies of Guidance (SPOILERS) (Archived)Ignominal47/17/2012
Synthesis Question spoilers (Archived)Zunamathedragoo27/11/2012
How much better would this game have been with Crowe as the protagonist? (Archived)
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How do you solve this Torch Puzzle (Purgatorium)? (Archived)Mewtwo6447/7/2012
Lymle Weapon Pre-Gabriel Celeste (Archived)Xuicsus27/1/2012
This is my best end game setup, period. (Archived)Velosean16/29/2012
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