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7 years ago#1
Do druids get any new companions in the expansion? i noticed a small velociraptor in the Game Informer review, and wondered if they had become a new companion for druids (which would be awesome).
7 years ago#2
Yes they are, but you can't select them at character creation, you have to take the "Dinosaur Companion" feat to get them.
7 years ago#3
If you take the druid cohort that's available in the first town, he automatically comes with a dino companion and it kicks butt compared to my ranger's panther.
7 years ago#4
The raptor is, hands down, the best companion. As it should be, considering you have to burn a feat to get it.

The only problem is that it has a rather large footprint.
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7 years ago#5
what are the requirements for the Dinosaur Companion feat?
7 years ago#6
None, you just need to be able to have an animal companion.

This includes clerics with the Animal domain.
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7 years ago#7
You can have a dinosaur companion at character creation. Just take the feat at creation(as a druid) and poof you'll have a dino from the start of the game, only rangers and clerics have to wait.
7 years ago#8
ok i have made a druid,ranger,cleric and i have yet to see this dinosaur companion feat ive looked everywhere is there something else that i have to do?
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7 years ago#9
The Dinosaur companion feat requires both the Animal Companion Feat and the Natural Bond feat. Unlike Epic Animal Companion, the Natural Bond feat is normally only a benefit for multi-classers, but it appears to be a requirement for the Dino Companion feat.

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