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Table of Contents
1. Conduit? What's that?
2. What's the Story?
3. Controls
4. Weapons
5. Music
6. Multiplayer
7. Frequently asked questions
8. Useful Links

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1. Conduit? What's that?
Well, the conduit is a scifi fps for the wii. It has an alien invasion based storyline with a heavy conspiracy theme. It is made by High Voltage Software, and published by Sega. It is an online wii first person shooter.

2. What's the Story?
Like I said above, the Conduit is focused on an alien invasion taking place in Washington DC. Now this isn't your typical "lets blow stuff up and laugh at the humans" alien invasion. There is much more going on then first meets the eye. The story is told mainly through briefings at the beginning of each mission and dialogue while you are playing. Another additional note is that this game doesn't have any CGI.

However the particularly interesting parts to the story can be found in hidden messages on the wall, and radio messages during the missions. These really give the game much more depth if you can piece them together, and are overflowing with conspiracy theories. Some of these may take research to understand fully, so you probably won't be able to understand them just by playing the game. Luckily for those of us not wanting to work too hard, some of the board members have been compiling their theories and research into a topic. I'll post the link below, but I'm giving you fair warning that it contains heavy spoilers. I highly recommend you do not read it until you beat the game.

Sylus's Official Theory Topic:

3. Controls
This is probably the best aspect of the game. The controls are completely customizable. Not only is the control mapping customizable, but more technical details like the size of the dead zone, running speed, turning speed, the cursors sensitivity to movement, horizontal look angle, vertical look angle, allowing you to turn when the cursor is off screen, and if the cursor auto-centers itself when pointed off screen.

There is also a lock-on, but I want to clarify it is not a hard lock. When you first lock on it will center your target on the screen, but after that split second they will have freedom to move around your screen. If they go off screen it will turn to keep them on. This feature also displays the enemies health. The lock on is also available in multiplayer.

There are also different camera styles that you may choose from. You are also free to chose the custom mode which lets you set it up to your liking.
Turn With the Wii Remote.
Always look on the X and Y axis.
Gives you the most control and visibility of where you are looking.

Turn with Wii Remote.
Always look on the X axis.
Uses a deadzone with the Y axis.
Steadies camera. Reduces visibility, but makes aiming easier.

Turn with Nunchuck.
Wii Remote will only affect your view when crouched.
Screen is rock-solid. Movement is controlled entirely with the Nunchuck. Think Metroid Prime 1-2, with a free reticule.

This is a list of the available controls that you can assign to any button/motion. Keep in mind you cannot assign reload/pickup to a motion, because it has to be held in order to pick up a weapon.

1. Shoot
2. Next Weapon
3. Zoom
4. Jump
5. Target Lock
6. Crouch
7. Reload/ pick up weapon
8. Spin
9. Score (multiplayer only)
10. Throw grenade
11. Pause Menu
12. ASE
13. Melee
14. Next Grenade

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7 years ago#2
4. Weapons


32 round clip, 224 max ammo. fully automatic. This is your SMG.

36 round clip. 290 max ammo. Semi-automatic. It fires in a 3 round burst. It also has a scope.

USP .45-
Semi-automatic. 18 round clip. 144 max ammo. The pistol of the game.

1 per clip. 8 rockets max. This is the rocket launcher. It kills in 1 shot, if you miss but are close it still does damage. Has a slow reload time. It also has a scope.

SPAS 12-
8 shots a clip. 56 max ammo. It's pump action. It instantly kills at close range.


Warp Pistol-
36 per clip. 144 max ammo. Semi-Automatic. The regular shots of this gun will bounce off the terrain at first. Chargeable, creates long-range beam. The beam sprays a burst of normal shots if it comes into contact with anything other than your enemy.

9 shots a clip. 45 max ammo. It shoots a bio-organic round that explodes on contact. Think of it as a guided grenade launcher, that you control with the wii mote. The shot follows the cursor, so wherever you aim it will curve to go. You can fire 3 shots off at a time. This also does splash damage.

Strike Rifle-
A 36 shot clip. 180 max ammo. This is semi-automatic and charges to shoot a beam. This does have a scope and is the assault rifle of the Drudge arsenal.

Hive Cannon-
Has 45 rounds a clip. 225 max ammo. This is automatic and fires living ammo. If you hold the wiimote normally it will fire off weak accurate shots at an average rate. However, if you twist the wiimote it will fire stronger shots much more quickly. The downside is that the accuracy is terrible when doing this.


MK4 Deatomizer-
30 round clip. 180 max ammo. Semi-automatic. Charged shot fire in three separate directions. If any connect the others will act like a bolo and hit your opponent as well. This has a scope as well.

Mk9 Carbonizer-
15 round clip. 60 max ammo.This is a laser that activates as long as you are holding the trigger.

TPC Launcher -
10 shots. 40 max ammo. Automatic. This shoots canisters which create minor plasma explosions. The rate of fire is slow and the shots travel in a long arc.

These weapons are only available in single player. They are extremely powerful but you cannot pick up new ammo for them. You have to find them in hidden sections of the map.

HVS .45 -
8 round clip. 16 ammo max. Semi automatic. This is a pistol with a laser sight. It kills in one shot.

Has a 177 shot clip. 354 max ammo. Automatic. This has a really fast rate of fire and kills fast. It's similar to the strike rifle, but has a red colored ammo sphere, and can't charge.

Deatomizer MP9-
30 round clip. 60 max ammo. Semi automatic. This fires the deatomizer's charged shots as it's regular shot. The shots work the same way as the deatomizer. Also looks like the deatomizer but has a red screen on it.

Frag- your typical frag grenade
Flash- Again...your typical flash bang grenade.
Radiation- This sticks onto anything and does continuous damage. You have to be near it in order to take damage so do your best to stick it on the player for some laughs and a kill.

5. Music

The music was composed by Diego Stocco and Cheap Trick's Rickie Nielson. It's easier for me to give you samples rather than describe the music so here are some links to sound tracks.


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7 years ago#3
6. Multiplayer

The best mode in the game, the online :D. This is 12 player online. You will not have perks, and you cannot choose what weapon you start with. You have to pick the weapon up from around the map. There are also weapon sets that players can vote on to mix things up. You also vote on the game mode and map. The game randomly chooses between what was voted for, majority vote doesn't win.

You can choose your character, as well as adjust the primary and secondary colors.The models you can choose from are...

Based off of Mr. Ford's prototype suit. It has a tight helmet in addition to the suit. The primary color affects the color of the suit. The secondary color affects the lights on the suits hands, a pin on the chest, and the helmet visor.

This is the basic soldier for the drudge used in single player. The primary color affects the drudge's exoskeleton. The secondary color affects the lights on it's body and the glow of it's eyes.

This is a more heavily armored human trust soldier. His helmet is wider as well. Primary color affects the armor. Secondary color affects the visor, and hand lights.

This is the suit that scientists/engineers working for the trust wear. It's a hazmat suit. The primary color affects the color of the suit, the secondary affects the visor, and other lights on the suit.

Fighting in style, this is a man with a regular old suit. The primary color affects the pants and suit coat. Secondary color affects the shirt. This model has to be unlocked using the promo code SuitMP13.


There are 25 online rankings in all, and you earn xp in order to advance a rank. The ranks are based on triangles You'll start off as a bronze triangle. As you go up in rank it will become more detailed until eventually it turns into a simple silver triangle. It continues like this until you get a detailed gold triangle. Then the last couple ranks are colored skull shaped symbols. It takes a lot of experience to get to the max, so don't expect to hit it in a week.

Here is a list of all modes and details of them. Credit to TwistedRyu.

Free for All
Quick Match
First to kill limit in time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Kill Limit: 25
Game Time: 10 Minutes
Respawn Time: Short

Highest kill count in time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Kill Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 20 Minutes
Respawn Time: Medium

Three Strikes
Each player has only 3 lives.
Number of Respawns: 2
Kill Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 5 Minutes
Respawn Time: Very Long

Last Man Standing
Each player has only 10 lives.
Number of Respawns: 9
Kill Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 8 Minutes
Respawn Time: Very Long

ASE Football
Longest time holding the ASE wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Point Limit: 99
Game Time: 10 Minutes
Respawn Time: Medium

Bounty Hunter
Points for target, none for humans, minus for innocents.
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Point Limit: 30
Game Time: 19 Minutes
Respawn Time: Short

Team Reaper
Quick Match
First team to kill limit in time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Kill Limit: 50
Game Time: 12 Minutes
Respawn Time: Short

Team with highest kill count in time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Kill Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 20 Minutes
Respawn Time: Medium

Shared Stock
Teammates share a pool of lives.
Number of Respawns: 50
Kill Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 20 Minutes
Respawn Time: Medium

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7 years ago#4
Team Objective
Quick Match
First team to capture limit in the time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Capture Limit: 5
Game Time: 10 Minutes (Overtime)
Respawn Time: Very Long

Team with most captures in time allowed wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Capture Limit: Infinite
Game Time: 20 Minutes (Overtime)
Respawn Time: Medium

Killing Override
First team to kill or capture limit wins!
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Kill Limit: 75
Capture Limit: 5
Game Time: 20 Minutes (Overtime)
Respawn Time: Very Short

Single ASE
Teams fight over a single ASE first to capture limit wins.
Number of Respawns: Infinite
Capture Limit: 5
Game Time: 15 Minutes (Overtime)
Respawn Time: Long

Weapon Sets Credit to TwistedRyu

Human (A selection of Human weapons)
USP45 Pistol, SPAS-12 Shotgun, MP5KA4 Sub-Machine Gun, SCAR, SMAW, Frag Grenade

Trust (A selection of mostly Trust weapons)
Deatomizer Mk4, USP45 Pistol, SCAR Assault Rifle, TPC Launcher, Carbonizer Mk16, Flash Grenade, Frag Grenade

Drudge (A selection of mostly Drudge weapons)
Strike Rifle, USP45 Pistol, Warp Pistol, Shrieker, Hive Cannon, Radiation Grenade, Frag Grenade

Near/Far (A selection of short and long range weapons)
SPAS-12 Shotgun, SCAR Assault Rifle, Deatomizer Mk4, Strike Rifle, TPC Launcher, Frag Grenade, Radiation Grenade, Flash Grenade

Close Combat (A selection of short range weapons)
MP5KA4 Sub-Machine Gun, Warp Pistol, SPAS-12 Shotgun, TPC Launcher, Carbonizer Mk4, Radiation Grenade, Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade

Long Range (A selection of long range weapons)
Deatomizer Mk4, USP45 Pistol, SCAR Assault Rifle, Strike Rifle, Hive Cannon, Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade, Radiation Grenade

Explosive (A selection of weapons that inflict explosive damage)
SMAW Rocket Launcher, TPC Launcher, Deatomizer Mk4, Shrieker, Hive Cannon, Frag Grenade, Radiation Grenade, Flash Grenade

Chargeable (A selection of mostly chargeable weapons)
Strike Rifle, MP5KA4 Sub-Machine Gun, Warp Pistol, Deatomizer Mk4, Carbonizer Mk16)

Maps Credit to TwistedRyu once again.

Bunker (Large, Best with 8-12 players)
Pentagon (Large, Best with 8-12 players)
Complex (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Sanctum (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Infirmary (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Streets (Small, Best with 2-6 players)
Warehouse (Small, Best with 2-6 players)

7. Frequently asked questions

Can you use wii speak?

Yes, in team matches you can only talk with your team. In FFA you can only talk to the 6 people closest to you.

What's the All Seeing Eye? (ASE)

The ASE is a device found by Ford, that he can use to reveal and solve puzzles. This can also be used to reveal hidden enemies later in-game and hidden traps like explosives.

Is there a melee weapon?

No, they planned on adding melee weapons with WM+, but found there wasn't enough time to polish these and make sure they are balanced. Maybe for the sequel.

Is there splitscreen or LAN?

No, this game cannot do splitscreen because it is too much for the wii to have these graphics running independently twice or even 4 times at the same time. It's too much. LAN was originally planned but Nintendo put the halt on this.

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7 years ago#5
Are there Friend Codes?

Yes. You can also add people you play with in other friends private matches or people that have your Wii console FC added. This also brings me to this, you can only talk to people on your friends list or on your friend's friend list with wii speak.

Can you make games with friends or just random players?

Yes, you can either make games with friends or search for random players.

Does this game have wii motion plus?

No it does not.

Is there online co-op?


Does this game have a good AI?

The AI is average. The enemies have better AI on higher difficulties. On Easy or Guarded it isn't as noticeable though.

Are there single player bots?


Are there Vehicles?


How many missions are in game?

There are 9 missions, totaling up to about 7 hours depending on how you play. It will take you longer if you want 100%.

Will we get to play through any famous landmarks in single player? This is Washington after all

Yes, you will get to fight around some monuments.

8. Useful Links.

IGN Video Review

IGN Written Review

GameTrailers Review

Gamesradar Review

G4Tv Review

GameSpot Review

SCAR Weapon Video

Multiplayer Trailer

10 Minute Gameplay Compilation

Death Animations

Tech Highlights

Control Customization

Quantum 3 Tech Demo

Dev. Diary

Manual (outdated, but shows some good pics and some of the weapons)

Nintendo Power Articles (Credit... me! Whoo)

page1: http://i40.tinypic.com/2427hax.jpg
page2: http://i44.tinypic.com/2qiw7jl.jpg
page3: http://i41.tinypic.com/10e4sug.jpg
page4: http://i43.tinypic.com/ohssxl.jpg
page5: http://i42.tinypic.com/bhd7d5.jpg
page6: http://i39.tinypic.com/izuy6w.jpg

Another Nintendo Power Article...

http://hdwarriors.com/index.php/wii/other-consoles-news/286-the-conduit-not-as-cliched-or-uninspired-as-you-may-think.html NTS


NYCC video:
Best video describing the controls, gameplay, etc.

Best Conduit video so far. Shows the MP5KA4, SCAR, SMAW, HVS .45, USP .45, and Strike Rifle, as well as grenade use. This is commonly labeled "Level 1", but it isn't.

You may now post. I hope this helped anyone who didn't know some of this stuff about the game. Sorry it took me so long to get it updated, it's an addicting game and most of my free time was spent playing it >_>. Request stickies please.
7 years ago#6
It's..... beautiful.....

I just wish I'd updated my topic before you made this one. xD

Oh well.

Good job. Sticky requested. ^_^
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From: Sylus2015 | #006
It's..... beautiful.....

I just wish I'd updated my topic before you made this one. xD

Oh well.

Good job. Sticky requested. ^_^

sorry i didn't know you were going to update it, otherwise i would've waited :(. Thanks for the sticky request.
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Sticky nao.
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It's mkay. :)

It won't be up until Sunday night anyways and I'm going to post the new topic's link in the old one. So it works. ^_^
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Good work Flame, sticky requested.
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