Fasted 1/4 Mile Drag Car

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6 years ago#1
I have heard that the datsun was but is that some sorta cheat for that to be? and also I have heard the bugatti...That sounds more realistic.... Or maybe there is one faster?
6 years ago#2
There are some youtube videos that will show you just how fast the Datsun is. And no, I don't believe there is a trick to it.
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6 years ago#3
You can put a crazy amount of horsepower into the Datsun with an engine swap and a few other mods. I think it's pretty stupid to have a little car like that have the potential to be so fast. I get mostly 8.5xx in my veyron and haven't had a datsun come too close yet, but I know there are fast ones out there.
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6 years ago#4
The Datsun can be made to be the fastest (or 2nd fastest) drag car in the game. Why? Because it's very lightweight and you can put engine+drivetrain in from much faster cars such as the Skyline. Might not be the most realistic experience but the Datsun IS that fast in-game.
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6 years ago#5
The veyron is the fastest but not by much over the datsun. 2000lbs and 950 hp will tear up the drag strip. The topsecrrt supraand the Mazda B06 can be almost just as fast with a skilled tuner and driver.
6 years ago#6
Oh how i love my Top Secret Supra
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6 years ago#7
mustang GT punk.

that is a real life swap. there are many datsun 240Zs with an RB26dett swap and AWD swaps.

granted it isnt cheap, but it is more than doable.

its a lot better than a zr1 motor into an aveo... haha

600HP RWD... but ya get the idea.

(did i mention 240zs are my favorite car) =P
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6 years ago#8
also, check these videos.

that is an australian dude who builds rb26detts and turns them into rb30detts.

the best run ive seen of that car is a 9 something, like 9.2. thats RWD and pulling 9's. imagine AWD.
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6 years ago#9
haha okay 1 more to correct myself.

i meant sevens. yep, the thing runs 7's.

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6 years ago#10
The r3tt in the miata is hillarious
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