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6 years ago#1
I am using the car on A Class Races with restrictions, but I am still having problems trying to get it to turn. I have the Forza spolier, the forza bumper for better down force, even fooled around with suspension (rear), increased brake power by 11% as well.

What is the best way to tune this car to turn a little more easier, the ferrari's on these races are kicking my butt on the Medium difficulty. ( I increase difficulty for more credits)

Any help will be appreciated
6 years ago#2
What kind of trouble is it giving you? Is it too hard to turn, or are you spinning out a lot?
If it's the former, try shifting a bit more of your traction to the front wheels. Increase the front downforce a bit, maybe decrease it in the rear somewhat. Set the front ride height a smidge lower than the rear and perhaps the tire pressure as well, though I tend to prefer lower tire pressure for the drive wheels.
If you're spinning out, do the opposite and maybe tighten your differential a bit(believe mine is sitting at about 85% on acceleration). Hopefully someone a bit more knowledgeable will answer soon, haha.

The SL65 is one of my best overall A-class cars, though I don't have either of the spoilers on it. Have you tried driving it without them? I'd also suggest you lower your brake pressure a bit and try messing with it in smaller increments. If you didn't already know, you can go under "Upgrade" and select "Test Drive" and make adjustments while driving your car and see how different changes affect it as well. Hope this helps.
6 years ago#3
^ it's RWD
6 years ago#4
I feel like it has really, really long drive ratios in regard to when you upshift compared to other cars. Even when you're near redline, it still drops you down to like 4k from like 9k after upshifting. It does handle kinda like a boat.
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6 years ago#5
I used the 65 black as soon as I unlocked it, its one of the cars from my dream garage, take the spoiler off the rear you dont need that, you need the arse end to slide a bit and 4wd it, put 80%+ torque rear wheels, drops the PI a bit and you and give the engine a bit more attention. you must must must do full weight reduction due to it being stupidly heavy. its not the best car to race but you dont half look a G when power sliding the pimp mobile past lambos and rarrar's
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6 years ago#6
considering this is one of the most badass cars at Mercedes makes, i was really disapointed with how it is in game.

it seems so boaty. so fat and over weight. i couldnt get any type of tune into that car that was competitive, there are so many other A cars that are miles ahead of this one.

even with full weight reduction and AWD swap it still seems over bloated and junky to me.

i had high hopes for it, as i love the looks and the specs, but disapointed overall with the performance.

would sure love to touch one in real life, something about twin turbo v12s that make me drool....hehe
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6 years ago#7
Tried the tips everyone gave me, still can't get it to turn, what other dependable A class cars are there that can beat the Ferrari's on the Medium Difficulty, Lambos I have no problem with.
6 years ago#8
It's definitely one of the less-than-stellar vehicles that have been translated into the game.
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6 years ago#9
When in doubt, buy a Tuning Setup from the Storefront....
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6 years ago#10
Oh yeah, I might add that people treat 4WD cars like they're holier than thou, but they have one weakness--they can't turn on a dime. I have an A-class rear-wheel drive SL65, it's not that bad with basic tires and some speed upgrades, try it if you're desperate.
Daytona USA and other Sega Racers Board: board=574738
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