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1 up in level 4? (Archived)widdow49/19/2009
The Official Raiden IV chat topic (Archived)
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Post here when you have the game. (Archived)
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Proton laser (Archived)SerpentKnights79/18/2009
Weapon upgrades (Archived)General_OB129/18/2009
amazon pre-orders shipped? (Archived)
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Translated Secret Achievments and Guide (Archived)Alizerothree89/17/2009
Tell me about the downloadable ships. (Archived)
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Trouble getting the achievement in Level 5. (Archived)Riku24469/16/2009
Question about controls (Archived)General_OB149/16/2009
The Unofficial Raiden IV Chat Topic (Archived)Daika11089/16/2009
World Ranking and Pausing - Huge Scoring Flaw (Archived)bradejensen79/15/2009
Post your gamertag if you have the game! (Archived)
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Achievments using only 1 weapon. (Archived)Alizerothree19/15/2009
Can I pick the blue ship if I'm playing by myself? (Archived)General_OB149/15/2009
Am I the only one who doesn't like how scores are saved? (Archived)Spinnah89/14/2009
Is this much better than III? (Archived)evilashxero79/14/2009
UFO interactive is turning out to be a pretty good company lately... (Archived)kingleg89/14/2009
how do i get to play level 2-1 and up? (Archived)harper101139/13/2009
Why would they let you change the screen to horizontal but not the controls... (Archived)
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