Can't get a kill order for Bruce Rivera

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User Info: Tom___D

7 years ago#1
He's one of Granados men, I've killed all the others but for some reason I can't get a kill condition for him. When I do the favor for the kill condition it just says "unable to return favor for kill condition ".

Is this a glitch? And if not whats going on?

User Info: ss4majinjon

7 years ago#2
if a conswhatever u cant get kill order on him. it only goes for mademen.

User Info: RADEC2K9

7 years ago#3

i think for one of the guys you have to unlock cuba in order to kill him. but i could be wrong

User Info: Razer_Blade

7 years ago#4
I couldn't get one, either. However, I did get pretty lucky when he was attacking one of my compounds. I executed him with an unarmed execution, and it killed him permanently. So.. Although the kill order doesn't seem to be obtainable for some reason, he -is- still killable.

Sorry if this doesn't help too much.

User Info: Clan Hunter

Clan Hunter
7 years ago#5
Since he hangs out in cuba you can't get it until you unlock Cuba
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  3. Can't get a kill order for Bruce Rivera

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